Winter Outerwear For The Stylish Gentlemen

If clothes make the man, then outerwear must do the same during the cold of winter.
Let’s look at some chic outerwear for men who want to look stylish in any weather.


Chic Mens Outerwear - Luxe Colore

Overcoats and leather jackets can be worn with casual wear or with suits.
They are simple choices that can add sophistication to any style.

Cool and chic, leather jackets are available in a variety of colors with and without collars.
A nice leather jacket can dress up a casual look of t-shirt and jeans or add a flare to a more professional ensemble.

Stylish Mens Outerwear - Luxe Colore

A double breasted Pea Coat creates a debonair and stylish look.
It is perfect to wear over a suit or soft toned sweater and is ideal for an office job or evening out.
It’s an impressive look on any man.

Stylish Mens Outerwear - Luxe Colore

Grey Herringbone overcoats have soft stripes with a single row of button closures.
The darker back of the collar gives a sophisticated presence.
Pair with a simple sweater and collared shirt for the best effect.

Stylish Mens Outerwear - Luxe Colore

For a fresh look, try a wool-blend twill car coat with a large scarf.
It has a single row of buttons for closure and a large collar that can be worn up or down.
Paired with a bright colored sweater, this coat grabs attention.

Stylish Mens Outerwear - Luxe Colore

Keep it simple with a slim-fit coat with button closures.
It looks elegant over a suit and tie, and is ideal for a day at the office.

 story by Tanya Sotillo of Luxe Colore