DOXA, the Worship Ministry of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia, released their debut album “Centered” today and enlisted the vocals of one of Heed’s favorite artists! Philly native and BET Music Matters’ artist, Leah Smith can be heard on several of the album’s most promising records including DOXA’s moving version of the classic worship song “To Him Who Sits on the Throne”. Under the direction of Aaron Johnson, DOXA fused elements of not only Gospel and CCM, but also Jazz, Neo-Soul and R&B to deliver a very unique musical experience. The first single, “Hosanna,” which features impressive lead vocals from Worship Leader Tiffany Johnson, is a beautifully written depiction of the attributes of God, sung over smooth musical stylings. It is indeed one of the premiere tracks on the record and will probably be an instant favorite amongst listeners.

Another standout track is “Our Dwelling Place” written by Aaron Johnson, where DOXA’s vocals are highlighted. The track starts off melodious and ends on a very high note, declaring that “Jesus is our dwelling place!” Also featured are CCM standards with a twist including, “The Power of the Cross” which has a neo-soul, funk element that gives it a new vibe and Hillsong’s “Jesus Is” lead by Leah Smith, which DOXA gives a groovy, bass heavy remix.

“Centered” stands out as an album that is sure to inspire local churches and their worship ministries. With songs that are congregation friendly, and uncompromising in the message of the Gospel, it is a very impressive debut album with several strong “single-worthy” records.

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