Meli’sa Morgan, famed R&B legend, sat down to chat with Heed Magazine, in preparation for her debut on TVOne’s series of Unsung this Wednesday, February 4th,  at 8 pm. Although she could not give us the specific details of her story (you’ll have to tune in to the Unsung episode), she remained transparent, warm, and vibrant in her communique.

“I almost didn’t do the Unsung episode! You know, you see some of the episodes, the artists start off so great, and then… there’s a decline, and I said, ‘That’s not me! That’s not my story!’ I had a three hour meeting with the producers and my management to really decide. The producers told me, ‘Your story is your story, and that is exactly how we will tell it’. So, I knew it was the right thing to do. My story is one of survival… the story of a young lady from Queens who wanted to sing, who had the gift of singing, who was fighting for her rights as a woman (in a male dominated field)… who was fighting for full artistic control…”

Meli’sa Morgan “caught the bug for performing” at 9 years old, when her mother signed her up to sing with a local community gospel choir in Queens, New York. She sang with them until her teenage years and received a check when the choir eventually disbanded. “That’s when I thought, wow, if I really do this, I can make money as well!” From then on she performed in talent shows, plays, and community productions to hone her craft in singing. Through word of mouth, stories of her vocal ability spread, and she went on to sing background vocals for the likes of Jocelyn Brown, Chaka Khan, and Kashif in the R&B Top 20 classic, Love Changes.

She achieved a record deal with Capitol Hill, releasing “Do Me Baby”, originally sang by Prince. Her unique interpretation of the song earned her acclaim, glitz, and glamour, but she never forgot about the business aspect of music. “People forget that in the music business, it’s easy to become a puppet. That’s why I hope to empower younger artists… let them know that the business is what you need to learn. After the glamour and glitz, you make sure you’re getting paid. I’m thankful that I could save money and take care of myself (into the future)”.

Meli’sa Morgan credits her father for empowering her to research all of her business endeavors before making a choice. She explains that this characteristic has never left her. “At the height of my success, it was hard to sit back and enjoy it. Now, I’m enjoying where I am. This time around, I’m the legendary Meli’sa Morgan! I was recently nominated for Contemporary Jazz Soul Train Music Award for a song that I did with Najee called In the Mood. I’m known for R&B but it was so exciting to be nominated in that category. I’m branching out into modeling, under contract with Trump Model Legacy Division. I have a boutique line of crochet products that launched in September. Oh… and I’m recently engaged!

Meli’sa Morgan is truly living in her sweet spot, and encouraging younger artists to “put in the work because the journey is worth the sacrifice”. Learn more about this dynamic singer on TVOne’s Unsung on February 4th at 8 pm. Catch up with her on social media too at melisamorgan1 (Instagram), Meli’sa Morgan Fan Page 1 (Facebook), or melisamorgan22 (Twitter)!