Watch live video from Bunneh3000 on Twitch


Watch live video from Bunneh3000 on Twitch





These are the illest you’ll ever meet here to increase your geek! This week DirtyHelmet and Bunneh3000 talk about Microsoft’s Hololens, the F2P game model, Humble Bundle, MechWarrior Online, Elder Scrolls Online, and much more.



Humble Bundle is a great place to get games and books for cheap all while contributing to charity. Pay what you want and get a great selection of games, books, and comics. For another week, you can get the Star Wars games shown above and more!







Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet spend a decent amount of time speaking about their enjoyable and yet somewhat disappointed experiences with MechWarrior Online and Elder Scrolls Online. While the games themselves are quite fun, their disappointment is aimed at the pricing structure for most games in general that are called free to play.

Borderlands Handsome Collection Borderlands 3 is beginning development and the next gen debut of Borderlands 2 and The Presequel is coming near the end of March 2015 as well!



Sony Online Entertainment is becoming Daybreak Games Company and promises to bring their roster of games to the Xbox community. This includes DC Universe Online, Planetside 2, Everquest Next, and more.

Dragons Dogma OnlineThe fun had with Dragon’s Dogma is coming to the US as well. Listen as Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet breakdown why this was the natural progression for this fun action RPG.

Dying light Dying_Light_Screenshot_02

Dying Light was recently released and Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet have logged this title in the undecided category. Though Bunneh3000 loves the premise of open world zombie bashing a la Dead Island, he is uncertain this experience is worth full price. Come listen as he and DirtyHelmet explain why.


The Super Bowl may be over but a really nice EA sale led to Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet taking a chance on Madden to see if it revives their love for football again.



Fox has given the greenlight to start doing a live action X-Men tv show. Listen as the crew reveal their favorite 3 mutants.


Supergirl has been cast for CBS and is coming soon.




The female cast of the Ghostbusters reboot has been set! Can you name each of them above?


The SpongeBob live action/animated movie is coming soon as well. The crew is definitely hype about this.

Tech News


The crew has an interesting discussion about Microsoft’s new Windows 10 initiative as well as the announcement of the HoloLens Augmented Reality goggles.




The crew reveal their quiet storm picks (coming soon)


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