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Design News managing editor Chris Wiltz joined Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet for an enjoyable discussion about AR and VR technology and the so-called consumer bubble that is expected to burst this year. Come and listen in as they discuss these technologies and attempt to predict how and when this will be something we’ll all begin to see regularly.



Oculus Rift
Microsoft’s HoloLens
Google Glass



Dying light

Bunneh3000 has been playing Dying Light non-stop it seems for the past week. Come and see why he likes it so much, how similar and different it is from Dead Island, and why he thinks DirtyHelmet probably won’t like it.


Bunneh heard this game had shades of XCOM and he came running. He’ll be playing quite a bit more of this game so stick close to his Twitch channel and stay tuned for a review of this Steam Early Access game from Double Fine.

Other games mentioned…


Dragon Age Inquisition – DirtyHelmet seems to think this will hold him over until Witcher 3 comes out…


The Order 1886 – Both Chris and DirtyHelmet think this Sony exclusive has the chops to be an unexpected surprise.


Halo 5 Multiplayer beta – Chris Wiltz deems Halo his one and only and the discussion quickly leads to the issues with The Master Chief Collection and the fond and not so fond memories of Halo 2 and the Halo 4 multiplayer balance issues.


TV and Movies

Chris Wiltz gives the Geekswagg crew his thoughts on this live action version of Halo



Also, for you comic book heads out there, Chris even puts us on to a couple of interesting (and very mature) comic books to check out from Image and Dynamite comics.


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