Heed Magazine recently caught up with actress Tasha Smith to chat about everything from her passion for acting to some of her favorite designers. The actress, who has played in some of Tyler Perry’s most memorable films, recently had a starring role in the Bille Woodruff directed film “Addicted” alongside Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe and Tyson Beckford. From her humble beginnings in Camden, NJ to her emergence as one of the most recognized faces in entertainment, Tasha Smith has created a lane all her own and shows no signs of slowing down.

Latasha Robinson: Hey, Ms. Tasha! How are you?

Tasha Smith: I’m fine, how are you?

LR: Hanging in there! Wanted to chat with you about your career. What sparked your passion for acting?

TS: Well, honestly it was always a dream I had to be an actress. It was in my soul. I feel like I was born this way, okay! [Laughs] And then, meeting Tisha Campbell-Martin when I was 15 years old, really helped me to believe that I could even do it.

LR: When was your “big break”?

TS: My big, big break came with the TV show called ‘Boston Common,’ because it was a TV show that was on NBC and we had gotten picked up for like 32 episodes! But prior to that I was a stand-up comic first. A lot of people may or may not know that about me, but I did stand up comedy for about 7 years, and I was on Def Comedy Jam, Apollo Comedy Hour, you know Uptown Comedy Club… I mean I did comedy, that was like the start for me. I got a chance to work with some amazing comedians like Dave Chapelle, Eddie Griffin, Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mack, you know comedy really inspired me.

LR: Wow, you are well rounded! That explains why you are such a great actress. How has it been working with Tyler Perry on so many of his best works?

TS: A blessing. An absolute blessing!

LR: I know that’s right! Talk about your role in “Addicted”? How was it different from the other roles you’ve played?

TS: Well, Dr. Marvelous is different, she’s not loud, she’s not wild, she’s a therapist, she’s someone that is the anchor to, I would say to Zoe’s soul & her help and her redemption. She is compassionate and a very passionate person, Dr.Spencer has given her life to help save lives through her therapy. She is a very well-rounded character, I thought she was beautiful to play.

LR: So, it’s safe to say that you enjoy playing the different roles where you can be versatile?

TS: Yes, because sometimes people think that I am suppose to loud and always like the characters that I’ve played, but it’s good to get the opportunity to get to show a different part of me and to give them something different that they can fall in love with.

LR: I’m steering into a different direction for a few seconds, you are a woman of STYLE and you are always dressed so nice…

TS: Aww, well thank you!

LR: Who are some of your favorite designers or brands?

TS: I would say Stella McCartney! I’m loving DKNY, Donna Karan’s line and I’m loving Zac Posen and Christian Louboutin shoes and Giuseppe shoes!

LR: I know that you are from Camden, NJ. Talk about your upbringing and how you’ve been able to give back to your community.

TS: I come from a childhood where I definitely had a lot of obstacles.  The best thing I can do is to continue to be honest and transparent about my testimony and to help other people to empower themselves to pursue their purpose in life and not allow the experiences of the past to hinder, stunt or cause unmotivate you.

LR: That’s very encouraging! Do you have any upcoming projects you want to tell us about?

TS: Well of course I’m excited about ‘Empire’ and I am excited also about being able to do the reoccurring role on ‘Power’. I have my acting school that is in Los Angeles and I just opened that up in August and I am very excited about that as well!

LR: We seen that you will be at ABFF in New York this Summer! That was refreshing we were so excited to see you on the roster.

TS: Absolutely I will be at ABFF this summer for their 2015 Film Festival teaching amazing actors. It’s about to be crazy!

LR: Thank you Ms. Tasha for taking out time to chat with us and you have a blessed one!

TS: Thank you so much Heed and you too Latasha.


Copyright © 2015 Photo Credit D’Andre Michael