It’s just about 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 when a snow shower hits the Lower Manhattan streets of SoHo. The temperature is barely at 30 degrees and the sight of snow is not in the least bit warming.

The doors haven’t opened yet but dozens of people are already lined up outside of S.O.B.’s for an R&B showcase where Detroit singer/songwriter Re’Lxuise is set to take the stage. It’s her first time performing in New York City and in front of a live audience. But she’s ready. It’s the moment she’s been waiting for.

“Performing is the heart of my craft,” she says. “I realized that music was my passion when I was in high school. I went to a performing arts high school and the more I studied the diversity of my craft, the more in depth I fell in love with it. I fell in love with music as a trans-disciplinary art, it reaches everything and everyone.”

As a preacher’s kid, Re’Lxuise grew up in church and started singing at the age of three. She remembers developing a fondness for music sometime around the fourth or fifth grade. Shortly after dropping her piano lessons, she was given the opportunity to write a song for her elementary school’s spring concert. It was then that she wrote her first hit. “They loved it and then they sang it, and I remember feeling so accomplished and popular,” she recalls. “My dad even got the song copy written for me.”

But even still, Re’Lxuise wasn’t confident that she’d be able to pursue a career in music. “I used to lie and tell my parents that I wanted to be a doctor,” she admits. “I didn’t think they would accept me wanting to be an artist, but I always knew I would be creatively involved with something. That was inevitable.”

After graduating from high school, Re’Lxuise moved from Detroit to Atlanta where she is currently enrolled at Georgia State University as a major in Music Management.

“My goal then was to make it out of Detroit so I could experience music outside of ‘Motown’ and gospel. I wanted a fresh start and a new network of people. I accomplished that.”

It’s now 7:45 p.m. The doors finally open and people begin to invade the intimately designed venue while soft groove music plays in the background. A number of the guests are seated at their reserved dinner tables while others make their way to the bar for a preferred cocktail. Some of the patrons continue drifting through the space absorbing every intricate detail of the ambience that is Sounds Of Brazil.

As Re’Lxuise is introduced to the stage the crowd moves in closer. It’s as if they know something epic is about to happen. They’re right. The 19-year-old rising talent recently released a video snippet of her first single “Shakespeare” and will be performing the record live. The melody driven tune is just one of three songs that she plans to release as a part of her three-track visual EP series titled “Lxuise.”

Re’ is comfortably dressed in light blue denim jeans, a dark colored cardigan, and a black fedora. But the loudest fashion statement on this young woman by far is her phenomenal voice. It’s simple but it works. It’s who she is.

She’s just the third act to perform and opens her set with a cover of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love,” the slowed rendition that appears on the soundtrack of the new blockbuster film Fifty Shades of Grey. Her voice is soft but powerful, and strong yet subtle. The tone is both elegant and convincing. She sings with her hands almost as if she’s pulling the notes from the depths of her vocal cords, and she grows even more charming as she seamlessly transitions into covers of songs by Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, and PARTYNEXTDOOR. It’s playful, exciting and energetic. The crowd loves it.

“I’m just getting a little warmed up,” she jokes with the audience. They respond in laughter and remain focused on the stage, patiently waiting to be wowed again.

“If the world ended today tell me how would you love me,” she sings. It’s the opening lyrics to her song titled “Natural Disaster,” which will be the next record released from her project. Throughout her performance of the song, Re’ stills the room and brings life to every word in each of the lyrics she belts. And for her final song she closes out with the lead single “Shakespeare.” It’s a bit more up-tempo and she teasingly bounces from side to side, getting more in sync with the band and feeding that energy to the audience.

“I felt good, the energy from the crowd was great,” she says after the show. “The response is absolutely unbelievable. I feel so excited to move forward with my project.”

And she should. She absolutely owned the stage and made it a spectacular night for everyone who attended the event. It’s just the beginning of what’s yet to come of her greatness.

“The best part of my journey has been losing my sense of fear. I’m not scared of opinions, people, or personalities any more, I fear God. I care about what matters to me, and what feels right. Letting go of that fear in my life and in my music was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.”

Re’ says that her current goal is to continue evolving and bettering herself as an artist. She wants people to experience feeling [life] through music again. But there’s more.

“Honestly, Ré Lxuise (referring to herself in third person) wants a Grammy! So I’m gonna get this album out after this EP drops, so I can get that Grammy!”

Maybe she will. One day maybe she will win a Grammy. But until then she’s heading back to ATL so she can continue hitting the books.

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