Gladys Knight’s protégé, Avehre has teamed up with Gospel recording artist and BET’s Sunday Best winner, Amber Bullock for his new single, “Believe Louder”.  The inspirational single, now available on iTunes, is a testament that when you believe louder your voice will be heard.  The Chicago native has come a long way from being a background vocalist for the seven-time Grammy award winning legend to now being under Gladys’ guiding light.  The rising star even penned two records on Gladys’ 2014 NAACP Award winning album “Where My Heart Belongs”.

“The world around us is changing,” states Avehre.  “We’re hurting as a society.  We’ve given up hope on our justice system.  Our foundation is flawed but we are still here.  And I believe that’s the key to creating change for the better.”

“When I heard the record, I knew immediately that I needed to jump on this,” exclaims Amber.  “With everything that happened in St. Louis, the world, it’s time for us to believe LOUDER!”

Avehre is currently recording his follow up to his “Star Filled Sky” EP and just finished working on Gladys Knight’s forthcoming LP with Grammy Award winning producer, S1 (Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay-Z).


Check out “Believe Louder”

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