In today’s revolutionizing digital age and new media era where music has become more accessible by way of downloads and other various outlets including Jay-Z’s new streaming service Tidal, the amount of records sold is no longer the metric used to determine success in the music industry. But for platinum-selling R&B singer/songwriter Lyfe Jennings who has been in the industry for now more than a decade, it never was.

“Selling records allows me to be able to feed my family, of course, but my focus is to keep creating timeless music,” he says. “Will this song help someone? How will it affect people? That’s always my mindset. I have fans that tell me all the time, you helped me with my marriage, you helped me in my relationship, you helped me when I was going through it. To me that’s more important.”

In his new song “Gold,” the Ohio crooner delivers yet another reflective narrative that is true to his expressive artistry. The tune is simple and blends Lyfe’s soulful vocals with the melodic strokes of his signature acoustic guitar.

“It’s actually an old song I sang at The Apollo Theater that I never finished,” he explains. “I decided to finally finish it and release it as a thank you to the fans.”

And after hearing the record, his fans will in turn thank him. “Gold,” along with the previously released single “Pretty Is,” will be featured on his upcoming Tree of Lyfe LP which is slated to drop this summer.

Check out the video here and stay tuned for more from Lyfe Jennings

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