Matthew Writes is a new singer/songwriter from North Carolina looking to make a splash in the R&B world with his new song Be Me. He has a classically clear tone akin to Ne-Yo and Ginuwine and fresh stylings that are sure to secure him a place in that musical landscape. He sings with a passion that marks him as a true artist and writer and layers his vocals well on Be Me.

The song addresses taking responsibility for ones actions in a romantic relationship. Matthew Writes sought to evoke the emotions behind the realization of doing someone wrong and realizing you need to apologize. Trying to win back affection after hurting your significant other is a hard process and the drum heavy production captures that appropriately. There are some classic R&B elements (electric piano, bright and round synths) that come together to paint a melancholy picture. The vocal portion of the intro embodies sorrow and the strength in his delivery expresses eagerness and regret. There are some beautiful harmonies in the song itself and the production is top notch; even casual listeners will find that they can enjoy it.

For the more invested partakers, the lyrics are something that many of us can identify with:

Don’t wanna play these games no more/

and I don’t wanna be on punishment no more/

’cause I’m tired of seeing you walk out that door/

I see how I made you feel/

unbearable, so unreal/

and my heart is gonna pour like/

It gotta be me

Be Me” is available on iTunes on Soundcloud

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