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By: Lorraine LaPrade | Designer Shorts By: Ky Renee Hampton

On March 11, Heed attended the New York City premier of Neoteric Nomad, an exhibit and pop-up salon for “the modern traveler” curated by Luxe Colore in partnership with Ashay Media Group.

Held at Wallplay in Manhattan’s Lower Eastside, the event showcased the collections of three up-and-coming designers, accessories designer Adèle Dejak, jewelry designer Adha Zelma, and clothing designer Ortiz Industry.  Each of the designers re-imagined and championed the sophistication of the tribal, gypsy, and futuristic nomad. Guests who attended the event were able to look, feel, try-on, and purchase the intricate pieces on display— as well as enjoy tasty hor deuves and desserts.

The event at Wallplay is the first of its kind and, according to founder and owner of Luxe Colore Tanya Sotillo, more salons are on the way to target larger audiences.  The brand would like to introduce Neoteric pop-salons in London and other major cities around the world.  All the salons will be site specific and will feature the collections of three designers whose work represent the style of a particular city’s fashion “nomads.”

Luxe Colore, is an online fashion retailer committed to investing in new, high-end designers of color and connecting them with the trendy consumer who has an eye for global style.   Sotillo said her ultimate goal was for Luxe Colore to become the “belle of the ball,” that is, to be known as the one place to find high-end quality products from designers of color.




Adha Zelma, an international jewelry line birthed by friends Sheanan Bond and Cherise Trahan-Miller, is one of the most incisive, high-end lines that has emerged in a while. With a design philosophy centered on bringing elements of traditionalism into the modern world and the designers love for mid-century design, the globally inspired pieces are a touch of both edge and elegance. In finding inspiration from something as in-complex as a raindrop in Brazil to a simple shape, and even folklore, the hand-crafted pieces are sure to leave every woman feeling unique and empowered. “Even the sounds the jewelry makes are distinct” says Bond when describing the Moroccan inspired Spring/Summer collection. The Brooklyn based duo says the inspiration for each piece comes about very organically and hopes that each woman who dons a piece feels equally beautiful, sexy, confident and free.

The beauty of jewelry by Adha Zelma
The beauty of jewelry by Adha Zelma


Functional clothing is the idea behind Ortiz Industry, the LA-based brainchild of veteran apparel designers Claire Ortiz and Heather Park. Created with the active urban professional in mind, the philosophy of Ortiz Industry is to simply create pieces that are not only fashionable and classic but ultimately that are adaptable from the skate park to the boardroom.

Shoppers exploring the clothes of Ortiz Industry
Shoppers exploring the clothes of Ortiz Industry



The Adele Dejak brand creates handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional woman. Inspired by African shapes, textures and traditional techniques, the cutting-edge pieces sit perfectly between artifact and high fashion statement designs. 

Shopper admiring the jewelry of Adele Dejak
Shopper admiring the jewelry of Adele Dejak



“Incredible forces and influences shaped my style of photography and change and growth,” Dallas says. Though he’s been involved in various aspects of photography for almost thirty years, in the late 90s, he made a vow embark on photography seriously. Already proficient in film photography and developing, he realize it was time to “take it to the next level.” To date, he shoots for all the major modeling agencies in New York City, Los Angeles, Italy, Paris, Australia and South Africa. He currently teaches the popular lighting seminar known as “Light Is Light”.

The Masculino Series By Dallas J Logan Photography
The Masculino Series By Dallas J Logan Photograph

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