With a career spanning more than twenty years, and a catalog that can be deemed as classic, Brandy continues to raise the bar, this time as she debuts on Broadway as Roxie Hart in “Chicago the Musical”. Heed had the opportunity to catch up with the iconic singer this past weekend during an intimate peak into her rehearsals. Making history again, as only the third African-American woman to play this role, Brandy’s confidence and talent was on full display. What we saw was not only moving, but it legitimized everything we ever thought about Brandy—she is quite simply, one of the best.

Although our conversation was short, it was very sweet and Brandy’s infectious personality only added to her likability as one of our favorite entertainers. We talked about her workout regimen, which she gives full access to via her Instagram (@4everbrandy), the demanding nature of Broadway, as well as what keeps her grounded and why she’s such a huge fan of the Big Apple! Check out highlights from our chat!


On her very impressive workout regimen:

I work out like a maniac! I love the gym, that’s my new boyfriend! I love to box, I love to play tennis and I’ve just really been working hard keeping myself in shape. I work with my dad, vocal coach Willie Norwood, and we just keep it all in line because I really want to make everyone proud as Roxie.

On Broadway being more demanding:

It definitely is a little more demanding. It’s 8 shows a week! I haven’t started yet, so I haven’t really embraced what that’s going to be like. I’m going to be ready for it, but I’m sure it’s different!


 Staying grounded:

I believe that God is within me, so I take every morning to meditate and I journal a lot! I do a lot of writing my thoughts out and I affirm a lot. My affirmation that I do daily, is ‘everything is in divine and perfect order, everything is working together for my highest good’ and I’ll say that all day, everyday…

On why she loves New York:

I rode the bus and I really had a great time! I’m going to go ride the subway and I can’t wait to do that! I’m going to just get on the subway and go. I don’t care where it takes me. I love the freedom in New York. Something is always happening, it’s just a lot going on. It’s culture. I even told my daughter, we should move here! She says, ‘no!’ [laughs] But, I love New York! I really do, I love it. 


Be sure to catch Brandy in “Chicago the Musical” April 28th – June 21st! Get your tickets TODAY by CLICKING HERE!

All Photos © 2015 Tayo Ola for Heed Magazine