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Well known in the fashion industry, Winonah De Jong has always been in the headlines not only for her astounding beauty but also for her unique style.

Winonah is even more popular because she is married to former Manchester City and AC Milan football star Nigel De Jong. The two are very fond of each other and have been spotted together countless times be it in special dinners or on football pitches.


A mommy of two; Isaura-Sienna de Jong and Kyan De Jong, Winonah is a very different fashionista because she really loves her kids and spends a lot of time with her family. Look at the pictures on this website, for example. You can see the incredibly gorgeous Winonah posing in several pictures with her kids and husband.


However, what stands out most is Winonah’s obsession with fashion trends. In fact, her blog, Styled By Winonah, starts with the words, “My fashion journey captured to share and inspire.” The blog tells a story of a young woman who has a true obsession with all things fashion. She posts once a week on the blog and says every post is inspired by “all things fashion” that she comes across throughout the week.

Winonah De Jong - Luxe Colore

At one time, she went with her family on vacation to the Netherlands and somewhere in the middle of the vacation “sneaked” to have a fashion shoot for LINDA – a highly regarded fashion magazine in Holland.

Winonah De Jong - Luxe Colore

Winonah is always paying great attention to detail which explains why she has remained in the limelight for such a prolonged period of time. Wherever she goes, she picks up ideas and tries to translate those ideas into real life designs.

Winonah De Jong - Luxe Colore

Apart from her commitments to fashion and her family, Winonah is also a staunch football fanatic. But yes, just as you would guess, she’s only likely to catch the game on TV or appear in the stands on Match Day when her husband is playing. Nigel wears the Number 6 jersey for Holland so don’t be surprised to see Winonah in the Holland orange though she also loves the dark blue.

Winonah De Jong - Luxe Colore

In short, Winonah De Jong is one of those supermodels you need to know. If you’re into fashion, she can be the perfect inspiration and following her on social media would expose you to a whole new world of style!