Watch live video from LadiesOfTheRoundTable on Twitch

Watch live video from LadiesOfTheRoundTable on Twitch

(GAMEPLAY OF: State of Decay Year One Survival Edition via Xbox One)

(game Grim Phreaker is discussing at beginning of this part is The Weaponographist)weaponog


(Here is where Grim Phreaker reveals that she was to be a pro Dance Dance Revolution player)


Then, as we prepare for Witcher 3’s release, the crew discuss early reviews and the purpose for ‘fetch’ and ‘side’ quests in gaming.

Then the crew debates to or NOT to ‘Be The Batman’ in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight


Then the crew discusses the appeal (or lack there of) for Diablo 3 and other similar loot based bash-fest games.

Torchlight 2 is made by ex-Blizzard devs and you have to admit… it looks, sounds, and plays a lot like Diablo…. PLUS it came out before Diablo 3

Talk about Konami and their gaming ‘refocus’ in light of Kojima leaving and the cancellation of Silent Hills also ensues. [ article]


(Also, Bunneh3000 speaks a bit about Vector Thrust – an early access arcade flight sim on Steam)

vector thrust

In our music discussion, we discuss why female emcees are traditionally left out of Greatest Of All Time lists (as per the article)

As discussed here is our listing of notable female emcees you should listen to:

Finally, Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet continue the Spotify and Freemium music streaming debate.



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