While shooting for the moon, R&B newcomer, Julian Keyz has quickly landed among the stars. After three first-place performances at New York’s legendary Apollo Theater, Keyz’ artistry has started to grant him a broader level of relevance. In 2013, he performed at the Inauguration, and is currently signed on to perform for a multi city tour, where he will promote his current EP, “College Tales.”

While his artistic abilities extend well beyond his vocal capabilities, Julian Keyz is knocking on doors as a composer as well. With the recent video release of his single, “Girls,” Julian shows his sound is contemporary enough to stand alongside of fellow artists, such as Trey Songz and August Alsina, but original enough to create his own lane and space in R&B. “Girls” rants about the typical male struggle to remain focused, while staring lust in the face after frequent occurrences with beautiful young women.

Heed Magazine:   So tell me about your current project. You recently released an EP, right?

Julian Keyz:  I released it on March 17th.   The first single for it, entitled “Girls,” came out on February 3rd.   This particular project is entitled “College Tales: Heartbreak.” It tells the cycles of a relationship. It also speaks of the strength of a woman’s love. “Girls” speaks more about the woman that’s kind of promiscuous, and leads me into temptation. So, it shows two sides of a woman, and within the songs, it also shows two sides of every man.

HM:  Who is your biggest musical influence?

JK:  Well, I’m influenced by a lot of people for different reasons, but I always given credit to Tupac. That was the first music that I really attached to. And mind you, I was doing music before this.  I was classically trained on the piano, but I didn’t really feel passion for music until I heard Tupac, and I think that’s because he illustrates passion in his music. I’m a very intensive and passionate person myself.  A lot of the stuff Tupac talked about, I haven’t even been through it, but it is just so much spirit, and emotion and depth in his music. I told myself, I just really want to become connected to my music like that.

HM: What contemporary artists do you think you’re similar to?

JK: I can listen to so many people, I can listen to Bruno Mars and say wow, I can do that   that! I resonate with his music, the instrumentation, the musicianship, the singing, the power in the singing, the style of the singing. I can also relate to Frank Ocean! Real talk, I can relate to Drake! I can “spit” like that, and I can understand his topics. From a performance standpoint, it’s usher. I’m still in a youthful stage of my artistry, where I’m trying different music, without trying to be similar to anyone. I’m trying to be me, but with the influence of many great individuals. I look up to all those people.

HM:  Do you have an ultimate goal for your music?

JK: Any of the music that I’ve put out thus far, it’s been authentic. Even the creative process came at an authentic time. Any music I put out, I want that to be authentic and real because music lives forever. Once I’m dead and gone, you will hear my music. At the end of the day, the music speaks for itself. We still listen to Beethoven! I exclude myself from trying to get notoriety or trying to compete. When you’re busy trying to compete, you’re not creating, when you’re creating, you’re not competing. I tell people all the time, everyone experiences real every-day life, we don’t live a fantasy.  We’re not living in that time period anymore where you can sale a fantasy anymore. People can feel when music isn’t authentic and genuine. My ultimate goal is to make real music that’s going to last, and once I’m dead and gone, that will be my legacy.

HM:  Okay. You do quite a bit of songwriting and producing, right?

JK:  All of the music that I’ve released, including this project, I have co-written and co-produced everything. So, all of my music is 100% me.

HM: Anything else you would like us to know?

JK: “Life of the Party” is my new single. I will do a lot of shows. All my music is on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and even Jay-Z’s new app! You can find my project, and all of my singles on all of these apps! They are for sale. If you sign up for the mailing list at my website, www.juliankeyzworld.com, I’m always sending tracks out free tracks!

Check out the official video for  Julian Keyz single “Girlz”

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