Mataano _ Luxe Colore

For all the fashionistas out there, the new Spring 2015 Collection by Mataano has a very carefree feminine look and is simply stunning! Somali twins – Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim – the beauty and brains behind the Mataano fashion line stated that their new collection has been inspired by a trip that they took to Indochina last winter.

The women of the Indochina region dressed beautifully incorporating a romantic as well as sportive look which became the inspiration for the exquisitely tailored yet soft and flowing designs in the Spring 2015 collection.


Mataano _ Luxe Colore

Significance of the word ‘Mataano’

The word ‘Mataano’ in the Somalian language actually means ‘twins’. Ayaan and Idyl were inseparable growing up and people often referred to them as ‘twins’ because they were hardly ever apart from each other. Hence, they named their fashion line ‘Mataano’ to remind them of their special bond.


The African Heritage

The talented sisters were invited to Ethiopia to showcase their stunning Spring 2015 collection and so they drew inspiration from the local Addis Ababa markets. They managed to integrate Africa into their collection by using wonderfully inspired locally made straw hats and shoes.

Mataano _ Luxe Colore

Their Somali Heritage

Of course, they haven’t forgotten their Somali heritage either and have used about 90% silk fabrics. They say that during their childhood in Somalia, the women used to wear long flowing silk dresses, especially for weddings and so the focus of their collection is on fluidity and not body-hugging dresses.

The Mataano sisters continue to expand their business in America and abroad while also simultaneously uplifting the image of Africa in the minds of the general public.


Mataano _ Luxe Colore

Article Courtesy of LUXE COLORE