Seriously. This second single off Rihanna’s upcoming eighth studio album, released in March, proves to be her directorial debut. Alongside Magaforce the pop siren presents a cinematic effort that appears to be etched in the influence of a Quentin Tarantino flick. Sure, the video proves to be as explicit as its suggested lyrics. There is torture, violence, and nudity; all traits Rihanna’s Navy has come to love her for, yet I don’t think many expected a literal approach to the record. The video is a tale of a woman who holds captive the wife of a man who owes her money, as ransom, and when that doesn’t garner her dollars, well she takes necessary action to get her money!

While you can definitely tell the concept of the video came directly out of Rihanna’s head, packaged with descriptive identifiers, across the screen, like the labeling of the man who owed her money, “the accountant aka the bitch,” (#noshade). Rihanna is a boss. Many will think piece her seven minute visual and among that discussion will be the fact that she uses a white woman, her body and nudity, her sexuality to express her sentiment. I have no clue what Rihanna plans to do to advance the culture of music or art, but it must be said that she takes captive a white woman in the way women of color have been used as graphic effect and attraction all throughout cinematic history. Yet, too, it must be noted that the torture and sexualized violence used on a wealthy white woman, even by women, does not prove to do much for the advancement of women in media.

The telling of Rihanna’s career is a true testament to her ability to take ownership over herself in how expressive she is. Many gravitate to her experience and I’m sure she will continue to live her life and present herself artistically, exactly as she see’s fit.  Bitch Better Have My Money.

Check it out!