This year marks the first in almost a decade that I’ve been able to partake in serious PC gaming. With My ASUS gaming laptop, I have taken up the new hobby of collecting an expansive library of great Steam and games that I loved back in the day and probably will never play again! Ah, the sweet plight of a gamer.

Anyways, what I’ve charged myself to do is to find one or two MMOs or F2P games to jump into and stick to. I long for a challenging yet addictive experience to delve into that I can enjoy with a good clan and even solo if I so choose. I’ve yet to find that perfect balance but I’m certain that is due to my ever changing taste in games (based on what is new and shiny on the new release list that week I’m sure).

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With that said, I’m sure that everyone points to World Of Warcraft as the logical candidate. Here’s why it isn’t for me… money. Seems like a bad reason not to play a great and well established RPG, but well, there it is. The idea of having to pay monthly for a game that (in my opinion) probably isn’t going to get a significant amount of playing time in my household just isn’t worth the investment. I also feel like I’ve missed the boat on this game. So many people have been playing this game for years and have ceased playing it. There are roughly 100 levels of experience and some of the more interesting areas and expansions are dedicated to the high level variety. Sure, there is the experience booster that is provided for those who just want to play the expanded content but once you peak at 100, there apparently isn’t that much interesting to do.  As a result, I’ve kind of labeled this game as a missed opportunity. I find it hard for anyone else in the gaming world to care if I suddenly jumped up and said, “OMG, this game is so great!” I am looking for something streamable and interesting to write about.

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Next up is my first choice, Mechwarrior Online. As a huge Mechwarrior fan, this is a logical choice as well. I’ve actually taken the time to jump into this game quite a bit as well. Being a free to play game, Mechwarrior Online is what I’ve wanted to play for years. Weird thing is, I almost feel as if I’ve missed the boat on this game as well. With a huge learning curve for newcomers to the game (much less newcomers to the Mechwarrior universe), Mechwarrior Online is a HUGE timesuck and looks as if I’d really have to find and maintain a clan relationship in order to really get good at this game. I seriously doubt I could find a decent clan to take me in given my sporadic gameplay schedule. Well, that and none of my friends would take a chance on playing this game with me. It is simply too difficult and not entirely fast paced enough to be attractive to them. Trust, this game will remain in my library for as long as it is still active though. Also, the content provided via real money seems to be a bit pricey. Rarely will you be able to purchase one of the newer clan mechs or mech paks for less than 20 bucks and when you can, it is typically a light mech. Sometimes a brotha just wants a hunk of metal with tonnage of bristling weaponry without having to shell out dozens of hours or enough money to buy me a Xbox One game.  Problem is that I have a hard time investing in this when my main squeeze is and has always been Battlefield.

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In order to scratch that RPG-D&D itch, I found Neverwinter. For years I remembered playing Neverwinter Nights for hours upon hours looking for that online version of Baldur’s Gate. It sated my online D&D desires for quite some time before my old computer finally became outdated. Now that I’ve a new PC and there’ve been many ‘in-between’ games like D&D Online and Neverwinter Nights 2, I was eager to jump into Neverwinter. As I did, I found a third person action MMORPG that looks to have quite a bit of depth to it. With a skill tree that a long for each of the different classes, for a time I found a game that fulfilled my online MMORPG desires. Again, I began to see how as you continue up the experience ladder that the whole ‘social’ aspect of the game becomes more and more ‘suggested’ I suppose is the proper word. As dungeons, raids, and PvP missions spew forth on a timed basis for bigger and better gear, I kept seeing that the need for a clan (or at least a regular adventuring group) became more of a needed. While I’ve yet to take that plunge, I found yet another game that I wished had more IN-game clan functionality. I continue to play and learn about this game as it is free to play on both my PC and my Xbox One.

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Lastly, I took a chance on Marvel Heroes. As a Diablo clone that features Marvel superheroes, how could you go wrong? Well, going wrong isn’t what quite happened as I played the game, but it wasn’t ‘going great’ either. As another free to play offering, Marvel Heroes pulls you in by offering one of 11 heroes:

  • Captain America
  • Black Panther
  • Punisher
  • Black Widow
  • Luke Cage
  • Human Torch
  • Colossus
  • Cyclops
  • Storm
  • Hawkeye
  • Rocket Racoon
  • DareDevil

That is honestly a decent list that pulls from a number of major movies and shows of late. Still, it kind of leaves you wanting more. As I played the game, I quickly realized that I wanted to play as a team of heroes. Again, this pushes you towards joining a clan. Problem for me is selecting a clan to join is almost as nerve wracking as being in one. Sure, you have to select the kind of clan that supports or allows your playing style (casual, sporadic, hardcore). Problem is that if you have gamer ADD like I do, that playing style will change pretty quickly based off whatever the next new and shiny game is that month (or week for that matter). As a result, I tend to hang loose and go solo until someone approaches me about joining.  Then at least I’d have one person to get to know and play with.

Then there is the realization that you may want to play as another hero from time to time. That feeling ends up coming relatively quickly as you see others running around in interesting costumes. That’s where the money comes in. Just like in MW Online, though, those prices are a tad bit… well… pricey. You’re basically looking at paying $10 -$20 bucks for one new hero. I suppose that is a ton better than possibly having to pay $60 for one mech type (and all of its variants however), but somewhere in this whole free to play scheme, I would just think it would be easier to see a character (or mech) you like and pay less than $10 for it. That’s just me though…

Anyways, my search for a dominant MMO continues. Next up will be Star Wars: The Old Republic and Age Of Wushu.