Singer/Songwriter Stacy Barthe has been behind the scenes penning hits for some of our favorite artists for nearly a decade, including Rihanna (Cheers) and Miley Cyrus (Adore You), but with her debut LP, “BEcoming,” The MoTown artist gives the world an honest glance into her own reality. Weaving listeners through a myriad of hard-hitting issues, Barthe tackles her uphill battles with depression, self-esteem, alcoholism and eventually her decision to not only live, but to thrive.

Working closely with producer Malay (best known for his collaborative effort on Frank Ocean’s, channel Orange), BEcoming is a smooth blend of lush pianos and knocking beats, but it’s the Brooklyn natives poignant lyricism and supreme vocals that will capture listeners. With four successful EP’s already under her belt, this 17 track album follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. “It’s about the human condition. There’s not a man, woman or child that hasn’t gone through at least one thing addressed on the album.” From the album’s intro track, fittingly titled “Suicide Note”, listener’s journey through the personal darkness that engulfed Barthe for a time and with her signature, almost airy alto, we find her hauntingly crooning about the failed suicide attempt that ultimately forced her to examine her health and purpose more closely. “I’m talking about things that are not typically talked about in the urban community, people like to sweep things like that under the rug. I’m just helping my people take a step outside of themselves and take a real look.”

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Halfway through, there is a lightness that cascades, with the track entitled “Find It-Transition” we hear just that; the transition from the incubation stage to the emergence of a beautiful butterfly not completely sure of much, except that she’s here and that her presence serves a divine purpose. “I think my album can be classified as self-help or self-awareness” she confesses.  Quick to assert that many of the struggles she candidly sings about are still things she’s working through, Barthe hopes that this body of work encourages listeners to face the demons in their own lives. “I hope my transparency will force people into a space of transparency with themselves.”

Co-Executively produced by John Legend, who also adds seductive harmonies to a remake of the classic Anita Baker hit, “Angel,” BEcoming pushes the envelope of the R&B/Soul genre, by delivering art that doesn’t find its climax within the context of heartache from a love lost, but what happens and what one must do to endure when it’s the love inside that needs to be healed.

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