Ark: Survival Evolved is constantly getting updated and expanded upon as the game continues its wildly popular Early Access run on Steam. This weekend, the game is getting a bit more exposure from some of’s more popular streamers in the form of a “Hunger Games” styled competition that the developers, Studio Wildcard, are calling “Survival Of The Fittest” sharing the name of the new player versus player mode they releasing in mid-August.


The competition itself is relatively simple. This Saturday at 12 PDT on the channel, 35 teams including Twitch streamers Lirik, Fairlight, CohhCarnage, GoldGlove, Shroomz, selvek, and more, will have a fight to the finish in this new mode for 5 hours. The event itself will be showcased in the perspective of a roving camera which will capture all of the action. Some players will instantly attack others while some may rush into the jungles to simply wait things out and survive on their own. To keep things interesting, every 30 minutes the developer will unleash events like extreme weather, a shrinking ‘arena’, and supply drops to make certain the action remains fast paced and chaotic!

Given that this game already has a pretty vibrant PvP element to the game on the public servers, it will be interesting to see how this new mode fosters tribes to interact and battle it out!

It has been quite some time since I’ve hopped on one of the servers to check out the additions. Since I have played they’ve added giant apes, monkeys, scorpions, more sea creatures, additional dinos, more flying creatures, giant ants, and I’m certain much more. It will be interesting to see if the colorful and mysterious beacon drops have additional equipment as well! Be certain you are the right level to access it before you chase it down though!

Color Level Requirement
White/Prismatic 3
Green 15
Blue 25
Pink/Purple 35
Yellow 45
Red 60

I’ve also managed to figure out a bit more about how to survive in this game as well. Be certain to stay locked to the and channels to see a bit more of our survival attempts!

Ark: Survival Evolved will also be on sale on STEAM this weekend (20% off) to get more dino hunters into the mix. Eventually, this game will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One once the Early Access is done. Will be interesting to see of this becomes a part of the Xbox One Early Access program soon as well.

Be sure to tune in on Saturday to check the Survival Of The Fittest Contest!