Atlanta’s Shop Boyz have picked up their baton, and re-entered the straight away that garnered their initial success. Once again, Sheed, Fat and Meany have blended Hip Hop, EDM, Country, and Funk to syncopate their signature sound for round two of their careers. Although more than seven years have passed since America’s party anthem, “Party Like a Rockstar” gained instant mainstream popularity-Grammy and American Music Award nominations, and a spot on the Billboard charts, the group owns no fears of being one hit wonders. Similar to their Atlanta musical predecessors, Outkast, the trio has also succeeded in having a diverse sound. While preparing for their sophomore round, with the release of the EP, “Shop Boyz Reloaded,” and mixtape, “Gift and A Curse,” the Southern natives have combined music with social protest on their independent track, “On and On.”On and On” speaks on police brutality against African Americans. It highlights the names of the late Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, along with still images and footage from the Staten Island, NY police attack that claimed the life of Eric Garner in 2014.

Heed: How long have you been doing music at this point?

Shop Boyz: A little bit more than 7 years right now. We started in 2006. We dropped “Rock Star” in 2007.

Heed: Where are you from?

Shop Boyz: Bowen Homes (Atlanta)

Shop Boyz (Fat): Me and Meany are cousins. We grew up with Sheed, he’s like our little brother right now.

Heed: You have a new EP, and you also have a mixtape, is that correct?

Shop Boyz: Yes, “The Gift and The Curse” mixtape, and “Shop Boyz” reloaded, the EP.

Heed: Do you have an ultimate goal for the music? Anything you really want to do with the music?

Shop Boyz (Fat): Yea! We don’t want to be kept, we’re trying to break down walls, we’re trying to start our own genre really, like with a little Country, instead of having one genre, we’re trying to put all of them together, and not be artists, we want to be known as entertainers at the end of the day!

Heed: Do you feel like you’re going to have another song that’s similar to “Rock Star,” and will top the Billboards again?

Shop Boyz (Meany): I think we got four songs that’s really big like “Rock Star.” They are crossover songs, and I just think they are just as good as “Rockstar” or even better. So when we release them, we are going to see what the momentum is, and what it brings! We’re going to see!

Shop Boyz: We want to let everybody know that we are real hip hop artists, but when we go to a different genre, we don’t just do it just to be doing it, we go to that genre with total respect.

Shop Boyz (Fat): Yea, for the people who mainly do country music, that’s all they do, we had to respect them. For the people who do mainly EDM music, we came with respect, we want to let them know, so don’t nobody think we’re just picking.

Shop Boyz (Fat): While we were on tour with “Rockstar,” “Rockstar” was a worldwide song, so we had the opportunity to go to different clubs and different venues with different sounds, so we picked up on that. We went from Gothic to Hip Hop to Country, we did China, we’ve been all over the world pretty much. We got a chance to see where the cultures come from.

Heed: Do you feel like you hold your own in the music industry?

Shop Boyz (Fat): Yea, we made “Rockstar,” nobody wrote that song, we made that song! Pretty much since day one, we were in our own category.

Shop Boyz (Sheed): I think we’re just the ultimate music group period. I don’t feel like we’re rappers. I don’t want us to be put in a box of being like rappers. We do every genre, so we want to be known as a musical group, that way we’re not put in a box, whatsoever.

Heed: How do you feel about coming back into the industry and performing at that same level?

Shop Boyz: (Sheed & Fat): We created a whole new trend with “Party Like a Rockstar.” We created a whole new look for the Hip Hop community, for music in general, for the world, we changed everything! Nobody’s music is the same. A lot of music artists in Atlanta-we changed their sound too, but we never got the recognition, because we were in a contract situation. A lot of the fresh artist you’re hearing, they know about the sound. Not only did we change the sound of music, we changed fashion. People don’t even wear their clothes the same. It was a big thing to wear big jerseys, and button downs and tall tees. We came with the fitted jeans. We made it so you can be from the hood and wear skinny jeans or you can be a Rockstar in general, just the whole lifestyle!

Shop Boyz (Sheed): Tell the world to get ready, here we come!

Heed: Anything else you want your audience to know?

Shop Boyz (Fat): Be on the lookout, we’re coming to a city near you, soon!

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