If you’ve ever wondered how to respond to the infamous “hey stranger” text message or DM that imminently arrives from an ex when he (or she) sees you glowing from a new love, singer/songwriter MiMi provides the perfect antidote with her first single “Swerve”. The Philly newcomer, born Michelle Hunt, lets loose over mid-tempo, guitar heavy production with an infectious melody. While “Swerve” comes across sweet vocally, its candid lyrics make it abundantly clear that MiMi has no qualms about moving on from an unrequited love. “I remember a few months back couldn’t get you to look my way/Was it my smile that finally caught your attention?/Or maybe it’s my new man that I didn’t get a chance to mention,” she coos demurely over the track. “Swerve” serves as a solid debut and entices listeners just enough to wonder what’s next for the new girl on the block!

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