Geekswagg Interview: Treadwater w/ Chad L Coleman & Morgan Rosenblum @ NYCC2015 by Bjheedmag on Mixcloud

Transitioning from a show as big as The Walking Dead must be hard. With a fanbase so ravid, it must be hard to do any project without being noticed. That is what Chad Coleman, aka Tyrese from The Walking Dead, must be hoping as he dives headfirst into a new project named Treadwater.

Based around the destabilization of Europe with an eventual decline into chaos and unrest due to economic troubles and other factors, Treadwater carves out a very possible future as a ‘sci-fi’ universe to pull you into. Focused in on a mysterious band of mercenaries funded by a rich but principled sponsor named Allen Downs. Driven by the loss of his philanthropic wife who was killed while volunteering in one of the conflict zones, Allen pooled his contacts and resources to develop what is called The Candlelight Program. The program’s purpose was defined by a single message that the group publicized saying:

“We can no longer sit back and watch while the world tears itself apart and the major world powers do nothing. This is a time for decisive action, not a time to tread water.”


The graphic novel basically sets the tone for the whole storyline by showcasing the merc team in action and how well (or poorly) the somewhat dysfunctional yet highly trained team operates. The banter between the teammates definitely sets the tone of the effort to be a bit light-hearted with an unmistakable dark edge that is at its core. Each of the members of the team clearly have interesting pasts that brought them to this program. I was particularly interested in the cyborg or robot teammate named The Wraith with his mysterious anime styled wire threads that can lop off a group of enemies’ arms, legs, and heads quickly. Of course, there is that purple mist that is sure to be his signature as well.  Politics, vigilantes, operatives, mercenaries, and terrorism are words that are and will be frequently used and visited in this ongoing series without a doubt. After reading this effort beautifully illustrated by Ray Dillion, it was clear that the effort’s intrigue is enough to keep me wanting to see what happens next.

The ‘it’ factor of this effort is built around everyone (including you the reader) entering this ‘conflict’ with their own agenda. Like an ill tagline, “Everyone is an operative.” Even the interactive website is created in a manner that makes you feel as if you are a possible Treadwater recruit with different levels of security clearance offering additional info on mysterious characters, media, and more.

With a modest sized booth at New York Comic Con, creator Morgan Rosenblum’s Treadwater fam was energetic and eager to notify the masses of their greatness! The slick visuals of both the artwork of Ray Dillion and the actors commissioned to bring it to life managed to catch the eye of many who passed by. As I stood there awaiting my interview with Chad Coleman and Morgan, it was clear that the energy this year’s Comic-Con was generating was swelling to a point that could potentially have them sitting in a panel at next year’s comic con showing clips of their newly greenlit project with some TV or film studio! Morgan himself had that enviable excited and overwhelmed look on his face as he rushed from place to place in his booth and elsewhere in the Javits Center.


Meanwhile, Chad Coleman was powerfully perched at his station on the walkway side of the booth greeting Walker fans and getting his autographs and photo ops in. Recruited as ‘the A list talent’, Chad’s stardom via The Wire and The Walking Dead certifies the project as ‘more than just another indie comic’. As a character named Mr. Osi that has yet to be revealed (outside of a quick one page ‘profile’), Mr. Coleman also functions as the Executive Producer and is fully invested in the project and the team’s success. For those who remember his appearance on Talking Dead earlier this year, he even announced his involvement with Treadwater to the Walking Dead faithful which drummed up a ton of exposure.

In addition to shopping around for a studio to pick up this storyline as a film or series, theDSC_1174 staff at Rosenblum’s Darkrose Studios are crafting a third person action adventure video game. Oddly enough I didn’t get a chance to check out the alpha version of the game that is being planned for this effort though. The advertised opportunity to win prizes like a Xbox One or PS4 drew a constant stream of gamers looking to beat the quickest time. From what I could see the mission was based upon the events the graphic novel covers and featured the mysterious purple cyborg or robot merc known only as The Wraith. I’ll have to connect with Morgan to get the lowdown on the game’s focus and progress later.




Begun back in April of 2013, Morgan launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund what began as a screenplay and has evolved into a multi-faceted entertainment bonfire. This is certainly a project that is quickly generating its own buzz. If the game is enjoyable and contributes to the storyline in a significant way, this could be an epic foundation for a great live action show or film.

And if you’re still not convinced, check out the motion comic!

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