Every so often the universe readies an artist that is completely unearthly, not like anything we have ever seen or experienced before. Charles Perry is the soul superhero that evokes the past, musing our great legends of yesteryear, yet he manages to creates music that is progressive, non-genre specific. Having worked with huge superstars, singing background for Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross, Charles Perry has extraordinary talent that proves all he has to offer this industry. We got a chance to catch up with this beaming star and here are some takeaways from our conversation:

What has working with legends taught you about yourself?

It taught me to keep my standards, to never let them go and to hold on to my integrity, musically, and to never change for anyone.

How do you feel about the state of music today?

I feel honored to contribute to today’s music but it also lets me know that there is a weight. When you represent the greats you have to represent right so you do feel the pressure to represent coming behind Michael Jackson.

What are you listening to?

I’m still listening to Freddie Mercury and Queen, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Chicago, Singers Unlimited, Frank Sinatra…the oldies but goodies Sam Cooke and Al Green, I’m still listening to the past because that’s some great stuff…

What would you say to young people trying to find their way?

Don’t suffocate the hope, walk in faith. When you know you’ve been put here on this Earth to do something powerful and impactful it takes great faith, great courage, it takes great character and great commitment and it takes you being the first partaker of your vision. You have to be solid when others are frivolous or inconsistent I would say to make a vow to your destiny.

What do you take heed to?

I’m inspired by the youth of today, my son, my grandmother, my grandfather, who was a doo wop legend, my parents, they strived for excellence always. You know, my grandmother picked cotton and that has kept me going. They are the inspiration. Seeing what they went through helps me keep doing it.

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else in the world if it wasn’t music?

No. And I don’t want to imagine it. To imagine that is not to live, not to exist. I don’t want to imagine not operating in my purpose, never. There is no such thing as a plan B, there is plan A it’s your vision, your destiny and it is your responsibility to see it through.

Charles Perry is bold, self assured, and completely warm and gracious. He knows who he is and what he has to offer this world and that’s something to be both respected and appreciated. He’s currently working on several huge projects including a residency is looking forward to “taking his spaceship and landing straight on top of the roof and hitting the stage again for the month of November.”

Check out Charles Perry’s “Stranger to Love”

You can join the soul troopers in a conquest to conquer the planet Earth and follow him everywhere @thecharlesperry! Also, CLICK HERE to purchase Charles’ new EP “The Soul Superhero”!