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BJ “Bunneh3000” and Jason “DirtyHelmet” prep for their time with Halo 5 by discussing their experience with the Star Wars Battlefront Beta as well as preview the additional announced modes upcoming for the game.

Considering that they are both big Star Wars fans, Battlefront is definitely on their “must have” list of holiday releases and they have high hopes for the additional heroes, maps, and fun that should ensue. Besides, Battlefield plus Star Wars seems to equal a fanboy’s dream!

Then the crew jump into a lengthy discussion of NBA2K16’s MyCareer and MyTeam modes. They both agree that the actual ‘story’ of MyCareer isn’t very ‘diverse’ and doesn’t have that great or interesting of a story despite the quality performances. Also, they delve into tips to gain a lot of 2k virtual currency needed to upgrade your character and your teams.

Halo 5’s early review become a topic of conversation as well as the two discuss their love/hate relationship with the last few Halo releases.

Lastly, DirtyHelmet discusses his early impressions of Witcher 3’s latest DLC as well as the first couple of The Walking Dead episodes.
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