Just like everything else tech-related, gaming has come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. It was just a few decades ago that people began playing electronic ping-pong and thought that we had reached the height of game innovation. Thankfully, game developers and techies did not stop there, and we have been given new and amazing video games in addition to exciting and different ways to play them. However, we may only be at the precipice. There are a ton of things being created on an almost daily basis in regards to games. While you may have heard or read about some of these, many more may just blow your mind.


One of the latest trends in video games is personalization. Game studios are constantly trying to figure out ways to connect with players on a more personal level. For example, thanks to 3D scans and facial recognition software, you can now actually put yourself in games. If you’ve ever played Wii, surely you have created one (or 100) avatars. While those are fun, it would be even more fun to have one that looks just like you. Intel has actually taken this a step further with their RealSense system. Using a 3D camera, 78 different points on a person’s face are scanned. As a result, whatever emotions you are feeling will register on your avatar’s face. In addition to smiling broadly while dismembering an opponent, a grimace from you could alert the system that the game is too difficult and then make some adjustments. Pretty nifty, right?

You know how you get Happy Birthday messages from Facebook or perhaps an awkward email from your insurance company? Well, games are starting to get into that act as well. While messages are nice, cash is better. Gala Bingo actually rewards people just for having a birthday. The site offers a special bonus so players can have another reason to celebrate.

How else are game makers adding personalization to games? Aside from your face, what would you say is the most distinguishing characteristic about you? While other folks probably have your same height and weight, your voice is uniquely yours. And thanks to voice recognition software from Nuance, you will have the ability to control all sorts of things just by talking. In addition to turning on your computer or console, this technology will enable you to actually control gameplay. On top of that, your voice can also be used to browse the web and interact on social media.

But to get the most personal experience while gaming, you need an Oculus Rift device. Sure, playing as your own avatar is nice, but virtual reality lets you actually get in the game. And once everybody gets in on VR, you will be able to interact inside games with all of your friends, family, co-workers, and anybody else you play with, and they will get to see you with a big smile on your face as you attempt to dismember them (or whatever other actions you choose to take).

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