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Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet chat about some of the recent gaming and Grammy news while attempting to play a bit of Helldivers for PS4.


helldivers gameplay

As quite the coop game, Helldivers was recently a free PS Plus offering on the PS4. Bunneh3000 bookmarked his memory to this game upon seeing the unmistakable references to one of his favorite sci-fi movies of all time, Starship Troopers! Filled with the trademark propaganda from the movie, Helldivers wants you to join the fight against the various threats within the known galaxy! As a simple twin stick shooter, this game is prime territory for great coop fun. Thankfully, the game sports a pretty good difficulty level along with the ability to join in an online persistent war. Complete multiplayer missions and watch your ‘influence’ add to the ongoing efforts.  Surprisingly enough, this is also one of the better games for the PS Vita as well. Too bad the Vita is basically a dead system (go ahead… try and buy a ‘new’ PS Vita game at BestBuy or Walmart and see what selection you find).

As the Geekswagg crew frolic in depths of space, they also take on news about the recently released and criticized Street Fighter V. Other mentions include the incoming console mods and DLC for Fallout 4, DirtyHelmet’s thoughts on the movie Deadpool (starring Ryan Reynolds in the role he was BORN to play), and the hilarity that is Kanye West’s finances.


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