Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, actor Christopher Meyer was just 10 years old when he got the acting bug.  Shortly after graduating from Bak Middle School of the Arts, he landed his first paid acting gig on “General Hospital” and felt like he was on top of the world. Now, nearly 10 years later, he has starred in  2 films, “Kicks” and “Wolves”, both of which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and last week his latest primetime series, “Wayward Pines” premiered on Fox! With all of this, Chris took some time to chat with Heed about his latest projects, fashion, “Lemonade” and what songs he keeps on heavy rotation!

Heed Magazine: What has been one of the biggest moments of your career thus far? 

Christopher Meyer: I think the Tribeca film festival was epic and such a learning experience!  It was the first time that all the attention was directed towards me as an actor and the first time sitting in the audience for the screenings of Kicks and Wolves.  The entire experience was nothing but good vibes. 

HM: As an athlete who has been your biggest inspiration?

CM: Kobe Bryant (I’m a Knicks fan though, don’t get it twisted!) and Michael Jordan.  I have yet to see another athlete get their head into the game like they have.

HM: If you were not an actor, could you see yourself doing anything else?

CM: I could see myself as a rapper.  I enjoy creating and anything that I can do that gets people to feel something and react I’m down for. 

If I wasn’t an actor or rapper, another thing I would like to be is an astronaut.  I mean, who doesn’t want to have a chance to explore the unknown?! 

HM: Tell us a little about your role on Wayward Pines.  The previews have been very interesting and uber mysterious!

CM: Hehehe 😉  My character’s name is ‘Mario’ and he is definitely not one for playing games.  He’s a real straight arrow soldier who is loyal and lethal. 

HM: So, you have two films premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival.  That’s pretty major.  Tell us a little bit about those projects.

CM: Thank you!  Well first, I have my baby, Kicks that I am very proud of because it’s my first feature length film and it is the type of project I’ve always wanted to do.  It’s a new school, coming of age story about a kid who gets his shoes taken and the journey he and his friends go on to get them back. 

Wolves (which also stars Carla Gugino, Michael Shannon, and my good friend Taylor John Smith) is about a high school basketball team’s journey to the finals and the obstacles that the star teammate and his father go through with his gambling addiction and how that affects him, his dad, and the team on their way to the finals.

HM: In those moments when you want to quit or stop, what keeps you going? 

CM: My family, my friends, and my hunger to be great are what help me through tough times.  I think about everybody I look up to and what they must have went through to get where there are (especially when they wanted to quit). 

HM: What are you most looking forward to this year? 

CM: The year is still so young!  Lol! I look forward to working more, to creating more content for the world and for the release of the second season of the FOX series, I’m in “Wayward Pines,” the wide releases of Kicks and Wolves.

HM: Switching gears a little, the Heed team loves talking about what’s trending in fashion!  You have a pretty cool and easy sense of style.  How would you describe your sense of style?

CM: It’s hard to answer because I feel like I haven’t explored my style completely.  I’d say a mix between Brad Pitt in “by the sea” where he was real laid back, breezy, but with a bit of sex appeal and 90’s hip-hop thrown in.  I love bombers, hoodies, jerseys…all that. 

HM: What are your thoughts on “Lemonade”?

CM: It’s pure art.  Stuff like “Lemonade” needs to be done more often and I plan to release my own “Music Movies” someday.  It is such an expressive and creative form that I really admire.  

HM: Who is your favorite actor?

CM: Tom Hardy is great but my favorite actor of all time has to be Heath Ledger. 

HM: What artists are you currently listening to?  My current jam is “Panda” (haha)! 

CM: Chance the Rapper just released a mixtape that made waves and I love Lil Uzi just for being so different.  J. Cole is a prophet.  My song right now though, or should I say my theme song is “Summer Sixteen” by Drake. 

HM: Finally, what do you ‘take heed’ to? 

CM: I take heed to young people with big dreams and artistic minds (oh and pretty women who have a slick sense of style). 

Check out Christopher every Wednesday at 9pm on Fox TV’s “Wayward Pines”!

Photo © 2016 Rowan Daly