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(The first 14 minutes of this feed have Bunneh3000’s mic muted. There is valuable audio of The Grim Phreaker discussing her thoughts of E3 and certain games though. Apologies for the issues)

Bunneh3000 and The Grim Phreaker survive the tech gremlins again to bring the world their reactions to Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 news.

Check the list of all the games discussed!



– Quake Champions

– Skyrim HD

– Wolfenstein New Colossus

– Prey

– More Fallout 4 DLC



– Xbox One S, Xbox Scorpio (4K)

– Play Anywhere (windows 10 PCs), crossplay

– Gears of War 4

– State of Decay 2

– Dead Rising 4

– Sea of Thieves– online open world pirate game with coop and PvP

– Recore



– God Of War

– Detroit Become Human

– Resident Evi 7

– Last Guardian – October 2016

– Death Stranding – starring Norman Reedus – Kojima Productions

– Spiderman PS4

– Horizon Zero Dawn

– Days Gone



VR Games

– Star Trek VR

– Xwing VR – Battlefront


Other Notable games


Mafia 3 – STORY SOUNDS GREAT – 1960s New Orleans (Vietnam war, racism), black protagonist war vet takes on the Italian mob by starting his own mob

We Happy Few – trippy looking Bioshockesque / The Purge kind of reality – “downers”

– Ghost Recon Wildlands – March 17, 2017 – Division with vehicles and REAL open world. (didn’t see XP so this is more real world and not RPG-like)

-Watch DOgs 2

– For Honor

– Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

– Absolver

Developer: Sloclap

– DIshonored 2

– CoD Infinite warfare looks more like WIng Commander!- scripted or could their be an actual PvP space combat sim portion

– Agents of Mayhem – open world third person shooter by makers of Saint’s Row (Overwatch plus Crackdown plus Saints row)


Square Enix

– Final Fantasy XV –

– Phoenix Wright -Sept



– Titanfall 2 (will be on PC)

– Battlefield 1 – Oct 21st, Harlem Hellfighters, Artillery, WWI, Airships (Behemoths), more destructibility

– Mass Effect Andromeda _ Jan 2017



– Zelda

– Nintendo NX discussion


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