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HAWKEN is now free to play on the Xbox One (and also on PS4 on July 8th). To celebrate, Bunneh3000 and Dirtyhelmet jumped in headfirst to grind and blast away. WARNING: Digital robots and DirtyHelmet’s feelings were hurt during this play session.

The main mode played in this session was Siege. The two teams race to three different energy collection stations and then back to their respective bases to charge up the launch of a battleship. Once launched, the battleship crawls towards the opponent’s base. Once there, it bombs the opponent’s base. If both battleships are in the air, the two battleships attack each other only. In the meantime, the bots on the ground battle for control of one anti-aircraft base (kind of like a domination mode).

As noted in the gameplay commentary, Hawken’s play style is fast and furious much like Titanfall. While you cannot hop out of your mech and battle as in Titanfall, the Hawken mechs are agile which makes for arcade style battles. Learning the different models, their strengths, and their systems and boosts that can be activated during battle is KEY. As DirtyHelmet recognized, just battling another mech one on one usually doesn’t turn out well without help or a ‘purchased’ mech. Learning to boost away and repair at the right time is key.

The next session for Bunneh3000 may include a bit of looking at the upgrading and how to equip new upgrades. Stay tuned for more mech-y pew pew!


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