Damoli, Melanee, and Kourtney make up the immensely talented R&B female trio DMK from Detroit and have been honing their soulful harmonies and powerful vocals together for over 12 years now. As Detroit natives, their Motown roots run deep, and not just because of their affiliation with the city. Kourtney’s grandfather is Levi Stubbs of the Legendary Motown group The Four Tops who has had a huge influence on the girls. Reminiscent of the 90’s vocal group who is another influence for DMK; they’ve found a great musical balance of traditional and current R&B that merges perfectly with updated new jack swing rhythms.  With influences like SWV, En Vogue, The Supremes, Boyz 2 Men and Destiny’s Child, DMK is on the path to being legendary. Most recently, their fresh sound and vocals were heard during their performance on the most recent season of Fox’s hit series, “Empire”! Scroll through your On-Demand to replay the performance and check out a few excerpts from our conversation with the ladies.

Melanee on coming together as a group

We started singing together in a non-profit organization about 12 years ago. We were 9 and 10 years old and there was a play that we were doing. Kourtney and Damoli were already in the play and I came in last minute. There was a part in the play where they asked the three of us to sing together. Everything from the vibe to the chemistry and the blend were so great and we couldn’t deny it. From there we thought we’d make it a real thing and make something great! So, it’s been us same three girls for the past 12 years.

Kourtney on appearing on “Empire”

As far as the audience and how many people actually watch that show, it has definitely been our biggest performance or TV appearance thus far. We also did Apollo! That was when we first decided to branch off and do our own thing. We had a play that we toured and eventually it played on BET and Centric, but nothing has been as big as Empire!

Damoli on the importance of girl groups in this new wave of music

I think it’s very important and necessary! It’s important to show little girls that as women we can all work together as women and pursue a dream and do it well!

Melanee on their new single “Major”

We recorded it in Atlanta at the end of last year. This record is more of a balance between what you’re hearing on the radio and some real good, old-fashioned R&B.

On what’s currently in the Tidal Playlist!

We listen to Chris Brown and of course we listen to Beyonce! We listen to Rihanna, Usher, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Tori Kelly, Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy!

On what DMK ‘takes heed’ to

Melanee: I take heed to how I treat others. I take that very seriously.

Courtney: I take heed to the way that the media and music affects and influences the younger generation. We have to be careful of what we put on display for them because they act according to what they see.

Damoli: I take heed to perfecting music as a craft. I think it’s important to know your craft in and out.

Kourtney on final thoughts

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Check out DMK’s new video for their single, “Major”!