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Bunneh3000 and DirtyHelmet take a trip through The Division’s Update 1.3 to do a set of Daily HVT missions.


Oddly enough DirtyHelmet and I didn’t really get an opportunity to even touch on a majority of the additions this update provides. The additional difficulty modes seem to be a good opportunity to raise the gear levels of your operative without delving into the Dark Zone if that isn’t your thing.

The new gear set (AlphaBridge) is also and interesting one as well. If you have two pieces of this set, you gain +2 Medkits to carry. Add another to the set and you get +100% Health Regen. Add a forth and if your primary and secondary weapons are in the same category (both are an assault rifle for instance) then both weapons will share ALL talents! That is actually really impressive and could be a HUGE boost to DPS and effectiveness in certain situations.

Since this is a setup for the Underground DLC which doesn’t drop for the PS4 (which we were playing on in this session), the reported new area in the home base is essentially a ‘market’ of shops as well as a pretty useful Special Blueprints shop that isn’t upstairs.

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