Nowadays, girl groups are a rare breed, a performance mold seemingly belonging in the past. The 90’s and early 2000’s were flooded with groups of all different sounds, from Zhane and En Vogue, to TLC and Destiny’s Child, and who can forget the always eclectic Spice Girls. They were unique, sexy, strong and had individual sounds that set them apart from one another. With girl groups like Kelly Rowland’s, June’s Diary, and Beyonce’s Chloe X Halle making quite a bit of noise, another emerging duo to watch is 2Mil. The Philly natives recently released their debut album “Millionaires” with Twenty20 Entertainment. The 11-song LP is a journey into the minds of Morgan & Frenchie, as they trek the road to success and stardom.

Mostly produced by Baltimore producer Ghost, we hear sultry and dynamic vocals, vivid story-telling and edgy lyrics, adding to it’s diversity, giving the ladies a sound all their own. The project was executive produced by The TRND (Kristal “Tytewriter” Oliver & Kristofer “César” Murray), and both 2Mil and The TRND shared co-writing credits on all of the songs. Individually, Morgan and Frenchie are triple threats, thriving in singing, dancing, and songwriting, but it is their collective work as 2Mil that has gained recognition, as their high energy live performances have made them two of the most well-known and sought out dancers in their hometown of Philly.

The new album “Millionaires” is available now and features fan favorites “Trouble” and “Gettin’ It”!

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