With two debut singles released simultaneously, BOE Music Group recording artist Major., is already living up to his moniker. With a voice that has already drawn comparisons to the likes of John Legend and Maxwell, Major. is bringing the smooth and cool elements that defined the big band sound of the 1930s to pop-soul. Joining forces with producer and longtime friend Harmony Samuels, the Houston native is creating a sound that he describes as “the perfect marriage between yesteryear and tomorrow, while still speaking for today.”

“Why I Love You”, a stunning ballad, laced simply by piano, finds the crooner celebrating a kinda love that is yearned for by everyone, admitted or not, but seems to be missing in today’s oversexualized everything. “The whole purpose of the song is to provide the truest definition of love, which is reciprocity.” His second single, “Keep On”, is an up tempo, feel good track. With added vocals from singer/songwriter Kevin McCall, this record undoubtedly has listeners two stepping to its theme of perseverance.

With the recent release of his debut album, “I Am MAJOR.”, Major. is delivering to listeners more than just good vibes and anthems of adulation. With features from Mali Music, Amber Riley, and Jade Novah, this album is filled with music with a deeper and conscientious message, that ushers in an exhilarating, re-imagining of pop-soul!

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