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Born to Lebanese parents with humble beginnings, NADER is no stranger to hard work.  In pursuance of his dream and music career, NADER embarks through each day filled with what he calls his, “beautiful struggle.”  After a full day’s work, he spends all of his free time writing, vocal training, practicing the piano, and everything else that may come with being the next superstar. NADER is involved and committed in every aspect of his career. Over the last 3 years, the New Jersey native has been crafting his sound with established producer, Eddie “Shy Boogs” Timmons. Under the guidance and development of Timmons, he discovered the sound that represents who he is as an artist.  NADER combines deep primal lyrics of passion and longing as well as an insatiable urge to express his unspoken desires. The sound infuses a darker, more intimate side to R&B/Pop music.  NADER has an international appeal and a mindset of being a global music sensation.

After his debut single “Take It Back” premiered to pretty impressive reviews, NADER recently released his new single “Games” and it is a pretty gnarly! If this is any indication of what’s to come from this new artist, we’ll keep waiting. In the meantime, we had the opportunity to chat with the rising star recently! Check out our conversation!

Heed Magazine: Can you tell us a little bit about who you are?

NADER: I’m just a young man, trying to make a name for himself! I always felt like it was in me to translate emotion somehow, through words or through actions. I discovered my love of music early on and I always knew that it was in to try to be the best I could be in that aspect. Of course at a younger age, the fear and the insecurity of failure set it, but about 4 or 5 years ago, I looked myself in the mirror and said, “Are you going to do this or not?” I started treating it like a business and went full force everyday, and now here I am chatting with you Mike!

HM: Who have been some of your biggest musical influences?

NADER: I was fortunate enough to be shown an array of music. Along with what I was hearing in the middle and late nineties, I heard a lot of R&B and soul singers, and hip-hop and rock. I feel like a collection of those sounds influenced me in a lot of ways.

HM: Would you describe your sound a molding of all of the genres you mentioned?

NADER: I would! In my mind, if each one of those is a different color then my paint brush dabs in each one and kind of made its own color.

HM: Can you tell us about your first single “Take It Back”?

NADER: So, “Take it Back” is a song that was written in February and I finished it in March and it was actually my last record we put on the EP and the first single we put out. So, all of those emotions are very fresh to me in that song. Things that I write about in my music are from real experience and things that I’ve gone through and lived through. Every time I listen to that song, I find a different emotion that I felt during the writing and recording of that song.

HM: What can we look forward to from you future music?

NADER: We’re looking forward to putting a few more singles before the EP is released. The EP will be called “Crimes of Passion” and I’m very excited to take this musical journey with anyone that supports and loves the music.

HM: Who did you work with on your project?

NADER: Except for one song on the EP called, “The Crime” which was co-written by Alex Duncan, the whole EP was executive produced by a young man named Eddie Timmons, also known as Shy Boog in the industry. It was basically a two-person collaborative!

HM: What do you “Take Heed” to?

NADER: I don’t know if you know anything about signs, but I’m a Virgo. I pay close and careful attention to everything! From my daily schedule, to when and where, to what are people wearing at this event! With my music I pay attention to everything. I’m very meticulous with just every aspect of my music and hopefully it shows!

HM: Do you have anything final you want to share with us?

NADER: Yes! I love to connect with people about my music and get feedback so if anyone wants to connect please reach out on social media @NaderbyNature!

Listen to NADER’s new single “Games” and let us know what you think!

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