Made in America 2016 shaped up to be pretty incredible, with thousands of festival goers enjoying the sounds and a plethora of new and seasoned talent eager to share their music. One such talent is singer/songwriter Sophie Beem. Many of you might recognize her talents from the hit show X Factor, where she performed for Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid back in 2012. She didn’t win, but the 17-year-old has won incredibly in recent years. In 2014 she was signed by Beyonce, yes the biggest star in the world. Beyonce’s label, Parkwood Entertainment, signed and put out her debut EP, “Sophie Beem” earlier this year, which features her debut single “Skyline”. Since then she has been working, writing, and performing, perfecting her craft and Made in America was proof of how hard she has been working. Heed was given a few moments to chat with the up and coming superstar! Check out excerpts from our interview!


Mike Sanford: Can you tell us about your Made in America performance?

Sophie Beem: Okay, yes! So, I was on the Tidal stage! It was my first festival performance, so I was really excited! I brought my four dancers with me and it was just so much fun. I did two new songs that I never performed before so that was really fun and it was just a really good time!

MS: How does it feel to be here and be apart of such a huge event in music?

SB: Even just having the opportunity to be here is so incredible. It’s so special to know that they wanted me hear and that they wanted me to perform. I’m just so happy!

MS: So, you’re signed to Parkwood Entertainment!

SB: Yes!

MS: Have you felt any pressures because of your affiliation with Beyonce?

SB: I feel like I’m a work in progress! I’m a new artist, I’m growing, and this is my first festival performance ever! I’ve had a lot of firsts this year and it’s been a special ride and I’m just so grateful to be represented by them [Parkwood Entertainment]. I think there’s obviously pressure, but there are pressures in life. I feel like I’m better under pressure because pressure allows you to strive for what you want even more! I always like when there’s pressure because I feel like always have to kill it and then kill it some more!

MS: I love that! So, let’s talk a little about your music. When I listen to your music, I have a sound in mind, but how do you describe your musical sound? 

SB: I would describe it as rhythmic-pop with an urban slant. I write all of my songs so they’re all from the heart. I just love songwriting and I love performing! It’s my favorite thing and I’m so glad that I get to do it everyday!

sophie beem

MS: What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t singing and songwriting?

SB: I really enjoy doing people’s makeup and hair! Probably that or facials! [Laughs] I really enjoy doing that!

MS: Can we expect some new music and an album soon?

SB: Yes, album, album, album! I’ve been working on my debut album! It’s in the works and I’ve been recording and writing. I’m still doing that right now and I don’t know when it will be out, but I’m so excited!

Check out Sophie’s single “Skyline” from her debut EP “Sophie Beem” Available Now!

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