You ever see an artist or brand release a cool video so creative that it’s kind of sickening? You ever wonder who is responsible for such masterful content? Heed does too and we had the opportunity to chat with the creator of one of the newest creative agencies. Hyper House founded in 2015 by Laura Wasser is an embodiment of an overdue evolution from the traditional agency taking the industry by storm since it’s recent launch. As a new creative collective on the scene they have executed acclaimed TIDAL campaigns including: The Beatles catalog launch; numerous events with megastars like Rihanna and Meek Mill; and the TIDAL Rising Series, creating exclusive content featuring up-and-coming artists! Laura is a creative with a unique vision that highlights some of music best kept secrets. She shared with us on everything from her involvement with Made in America to some tips that can make or break a new artist!

Here is our conversation.

Mike Sanford: Laura, it’s so good to finally be able to chat with you! 

Laura Wasser: Yes!

MS: So, can you tell us about Hyper House and what inspired you to come up with it?

LW: My background is working at brands, so I worked at Nike for years. After that, I went to work at traditional advertising and creative agencies and after doing both of those things I really hated all of the meetings and bureaucracy that went into doing really cool creatives. I thought that if I started my own agency, I could do things faster and at a higher quality and that’s why I did it! Traditional agencies work on retainers and they have staff that consistently have meetings, and I found that with the brands and clients I worked with, they didn’t want to be bogged down with weekly meetings and calls. They wanted to just do some really creative and relevant content quickly!

MS: In thinking about music, and your involvement with Made In America this year, how did that come about? What was your specific role at the Tidal Stage this year?

LW: So, Tidal was actually my first client when I opened the agency 18-months ago! What we’ve been doing with them is creating all of their exclusive content. This is actually our second year working with Tidal at Made in America and what they actually do is hand pick a dozen or so up and coming artists and prior to Made in America, we go out and spend two to three days shooting with them in a couple of different formats. So, they choose the artists, we book time and we’ll spend time with everybody from Lil’ Yachty to Desiigner! We did all of that content before Made in America and we put that content out on Tidal and the artists promote it and then when it comes to Made in America there’s the Tidal Stage and all of the artists we film content with play that stage! We do all of the Behind the Scenes content and then put together a 3-episode web series kind of recapping the whole experience!

MS: In the same way that you created content for and highlighted those new artists for Tidal, Heed Magazine highlights emerging artists who may not be on the platform of a Gaga or Beyonce, but they’re well on their way! In  addition to the artists you’ve worked with for Made in America, have you worked with any other artists and what have you, specifically, done to enhance their careers?

LW: Yes, and what we do is give them their first piece of gorgeous content that they can share online! It’s almost like an EPK, but I think it’s sexier and cooler, where they can just tell their stories. So, it’s really just a cool introduction for young artists to have some great content. Other things we do with these young artists is we’ll do music videos for them. We had a young artist named Hippo Campus who we did editorial for, but we loved them and they loved us so we did a music video for them last year and we’re about to shoot another one this year. So, we love telling stories. It’s kind of what we’re founded on at Hyper House, and we like the idea of new artists and capturing them right before they break. When we first started with Desiigner, “Panda” hadn’t come out yet! [Laughs]

MS: And now it’s like Desiigner, Desiigner, Desiigner!

LW: Exactly! Desiigner, Desiigner, Desiigner! 

MS: So, based on your professional expertise, what do you think are three of the most important things that any new artist should have?

LW: That’s a great question! One of the most important things is to always be authentic to who you are! Second, kindness is really important. I think  just being a nice person gets you so much further with everybody. Whether it’s with a film crew or, I’m sure you know if it’s with PR, if people are nice and gracious and kind, people remember it. And I think the third thing is to stay level-headed and keep your head on the ground. There’s a saying that my mom used to say, “hard wood grows slow…” That means that sometimes it takes a lot of fucking work until you get there! So, just keep doing it! I mean that’s what we do at Hyper House. We’re a young agency that loves what we do and we think that there are infinite possibilities everyday to do amazing stuff! 

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