Nasty women! Email servers! Groping! Building walls! Civil Rights protests! Wars! Lies!

This election has certainly seen its downs and downs and kids today have undoubtedly seen and heard their share of political rhetoric. What could be better than to get them interested in their country and the TRUTH (or at least a historically fictionized version) of America’s political process. In fact, some of these games might even teach you a thing or two! Here’s a few games to get anyone politically charged!


The Political Machine $9.99

Filled with current candidates, current issues, a create-a-candidate mode, DLC featuring historical candidates, a multiplayer mode, poll tracking, fundraising, speeches, and much more, this game will certainly scratch that political itch. As a strategy sim by developer Stardock (makers of Sins Of A Solar Empire and much more), this game  began back in 2004 and stands upon three previous revisions to provide the polish to allow players to not even know much about politics and still have a bit of fun.


Race For The White House $9.99

Much like The Political Machine, this game has a wealth of options, events, candidates, and even dirty tricks that can be unleashed to win. Filled with custom voice acting for Ronald Drump and Hilda Tinton as the primary candidates, this game simulates the wide range of events and opportunities that candidates encounter during an election race. Recommended for ages 10 and over, this sim will also give your kid that presidential feel.


Democracy – $24.99

With a ton of depth and menus and graphs to monitor and sift through, Democracy is the game that puts you IN the seat as the president. In a democratic government wield an incredibly complex simulation model that deals with all types of interest groups, government staffing, and so much more to really give you the feel of the grand scope of issues a President must manage and compromise on to get things done. Serious political devotees need only apply as the tone is quite realistic and not arcadey in the least!


Political Animals – $14.99

As a relatively new entry into the field of political simulation, Political Animals takes a more light hearted and cartoony approach. Using actual animals as political candidates, you lead a fictional nation (of course) and campaign to become the president! With a much more colorful and simplied system than some of the previous games, this entry into the political landscape looks to emphasize the fun more than the nitty gritty details of real life politics.


Win The White House – – FREE

As the 2015 recipient of the MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions, Win The White House is certainly structured to be that perfect balance of fun and educational to unite curiosity with enjoyment. Built to assist the teaching of as well as the learning of the electoral process, kids can create their own candidate and learn what it takes to campaign on generic issues to win the election