California is an extremely colorful planet in the hip hop solar system. Cali’s musical and social cultures created a platform that its future artists can forever build from. Los Angeles, its younger brother, Compton and The Bay have fathered some notable figures in the rap game…NWA, Too Short, E-40, Crooked Eye, The D.O.C., The Game, rap’s socially conscious Kendrick Lamar and more. From beat making to Nate Dogg’s hooks, west coast music undulates in the industry.

Los Angeles is where Dr. Dre founded Aftermath Entertainment. It was once home to Easy E’s Ruthless Records, and is well known for the former Death Row Records. Death Row re-branded some of hip hop’s most recognized stars, such as Dr. Dre (hip hop’s first millionaire), Snoop Dogg, and hip hop’s most celebrated artist, the late Tupac Shakur.

Although the Land of the Lowriders has set the stage quite nicely for its own, who said being a female artist in hip hop is easy? Yet, LA’s leading female producer-sound engineer, Muzik Girl has been preparing for this task for years. After more than ten years in the industry, she’s received a formal education at Hollywood’s Musician’s Institute, and attended studio sessions with DJ Talib Kweli, Pharaoe Monch and even the legendary DJ Quick. She’s worked as a sound engineer for Bad Boyz II and Training Day films.

Even with the obvious male energy that hovers over the rap scene, she feels capable of sharing hip hop’s male dominated throne. While recently earning a very coveted position as the sole mixer of Horseshoe Gang’s album, 4 Brothers, she also produced four of the album’s tracks. While catching up with Heed, she announced that she will have a role in two upcoming mixed-tape projects. An all-female cast will lead the first tape, and an all-male lineup is expected on the second. She further explained that she keeps a white board of all active projects, and is pretty happy with the names on the roster, and while she can’t give out all of her project’s specifics, she expects the next 12 months to grant her much more commercial success!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Muzic Girl!

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