If you’ve been feening for more homegrown webisodes that speak to the multi-ethnic audience, specifically the “Black Experience”, thirst no more. While we’re loving the transition of Issa Rae’s web contributions to premium cable, we can’t neglect the host of content currently offered from her successors. The Makeup x Breakup web series follows African American Millennials and their dating experiences in New York City. Eric Dickens, writer and director of the YouTube series, which has been gaining respectable traction online claims, “if you’ve ever been in an unstable relationship…this series tackles scenarios you know all too well”. Makeup x Breakup boasts a hype soundtrack each episode and for the vain at heart, eye candy both men and women will enjoy. We’re looking forward to seeing how this series develops.   

Give the series a spin.

On the surface, Brooke and Blake appear to be the definition of #RelationshipGoals until Brooke decides to end their two-year relationship for good. Devastated by the split, Blake attempts to regain his confidence by jumping back into the New York dating scene like he never left. It doesn’t take long for Blake to fall for someone new and move on from his failed relationship with Brooke … or so he thought. Once Brooke receives word of Blake’s new love interest, she decides to resurface and tries to get her man back, putting Blake in the middle of a vicious love triangle.


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