For months now, the stakes have been getting high, our energy has gotten low, and news around election mayhem has consumed our day-to-day lives.  This Friday, it’s time to take a break from the political pandemonium and bring our loved ones out for some fresh air, buttery popcorn, and holiday cheer.

With a star studded cast, knee-slapping laughs and all of Mo’Nique’s sass, ALMOST CHRISTMAS is the answer we have been in need of to take our minds away from the heavy political environment.  It’s time to ring in the holiday spirit with the family… and ALMOST CHRISTMAS is cooking up the perfect recipe!

A Meyers Christmas

Heed spoke with cast member Omar Epps & the beautiful and talented Kimberly Elise about the film! They shared on what they want viewers to take away, working with Mo’Nique and the other cast members and why we should all go see the movie!

Here are a few excerpts.

Omar Epps on why this film is important for families this holiday season.

“Essentially, it’s a film about film love and coming together as one, you know? There’s a family that’s spending time together after the loss of the matriarch of the family, which is a unique point of view because you always see films where the patriarch is the one to go, but now the matriarch was the backbone and the gel that keeps everything together. It’s there first time having a holiday without her, so it just shows how regardless of the turbulence and interpersonal conflicts, through love and family you can come together as one.”

On working with Mo’Nique.

“It was incredible! Mo’Nique is a completely brilliant artist and just a very sweet human being and she’s so loving! Not just her, but everybody! Working with Danny Glover who’s a legend, and Kimberly Elise and Gabrielle. We genuinely had a great time working on this film and the energy that you see rolling off of the screen and how it was on set for us. Everything was organic!”

A Meyers Christmas

Kimberly Elise on her role in “Almost Christmas”.

“I play Sheryl, the older sister in the family and Sheryl is a very unhappy and dysfunctional marriage, but once to put on good appearances for the holidays. But that doesn’t last very long!”

On what she hopes viewers will take away from the film.

“One, I hope people will recognize within themselves all that they bring to their families. I don’t think people take enough time to look at themselves and see all that they bring and how important they are to friends and family in life. Things are so crazy in our country right now! We all need to laugh, we all need to breathe and we all need to look at a funnier side of things for a minute. I hope that it would affect people on both of those levels!”

Don’t forget, ALMOST CHRISTMAS is in theaters this Friday!


Check out the trailer!