Will Hill is the real deal, running with the mantle of  Atlanta’s forever-growing music scene. He and producer FR23SH teamed up to create the “Doors” EP. This musically refreshing 5-track EP takes listeners through a rollercoaster of Hill’s emotions and his obstacles as he tries to overcome them. As the different Doors, opportunities & relationships, open and close in his life, he tries to find his purpose in the world and intends to continue his rise to the top.


The introduction track, “Knock” gives insight into Will’s return – and for some, an introduction. The song informs listeners of Will’s purpose and his new awakening. On “Highway,” an uplifting hymn, Will tries to clear his mind and focus on important things while driving down 75. “Syntha,” highlights a conversation with a girl, explaining some insecurities and Will wanting to be with someone that can be there for him. Life’s simplicities. On “Fix You Need,” we hear a much more intimate version of the continued conversation. Sampling Queen Latifah‘s famous 90’s anthem, “U.N.I.T.Y”, we are invited into a much deeper and spiritual feeling between Will and the girl that he has come to see. She seems to be more of a ‘thing’ than he had initially intended her to be. The EP closes with “Wings,” where Will eventually finds his purpose, focuses on his dreams and moves forward!

Of the new project, Will says,

“There has been a lot that has gone on in my life since I last released a project, lots of things that have come and gone. I feel like Doors was the perfect metaphor for those things.”

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