The MyCareer mode of NBA2K17 has long been a popular feature. The player creates their own NBA star and plays through their career by managing their skill progression and even their off court actions. Now, 2K has taken the immersion one step further with a new partnership with Fitbit.

(pic courtesy of fitbit blog)

Starting Novemeber 25th, 2016, gamers will be able to connect their Fitbit progression to their NBA2K17 accounts on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Upon doing so, anytime they achieve 10,000 steps in a day, the game will reward the created MyCareer in the game with temporary +5 attribute boosts and success rates in areas like agility, dunking, lay-ups, etc. I’m assuming that will include attributes like speed and stamina as well. For those that grind hard on their MyCareer to allow them to dominate on the player vs player tournaments, these boost are pretty big given the only other way to get them is through spending valuable Virtual Currency in game (or buying the Virtual Currency for extra money). Online competitions are fierce so the Pro Am and MyPark tournaments will certainly benefit from these boosts.

“It’s exciting to see Fitbit and 2K working together to reward gamers like me in a unique way,” said Harrison Barnes, Fitbit Ambassador and professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks. “It’s an extra incentive to get my target steps per day because not only am I getting a physical edge, but a gaming edge, too in NBA 2K17. Now my friends and family will have to step up their game to keep up with me.”


This initiative is a part of Fitbit’s Works With Fitbit program where a growing list of companies are partnering with Fitbit which “lets developers, brands and users seamlessly connect the Fitbit platform to popular health and wellness apps, services and hardware products.” This is all in an effort to provide more incentives to the masses to reach their fitness goals which in this case is pretty innovative.

It’s great to see gaming integration into wearables in this way. It is interesting to see that Fitbit kind of beat Razor and Microsoft even to the punch in terms of partnering with a gaming developer to get a Triple A title on board with in game rewards. I wonder how long it will take other wearable to tap into this market and whether the promotion is truly a valuable marketing point? In theory, it could be if more developers decided to partner up and promote as well as provide online in game bonuses.

So get out there and get those steps so all of you MyPark fiends can get another boost in life as well as in game!