Fun With Friends, an event hosting and planning company that seeks to engage, entertain and help young professionals fuel their social lives, is hosting their 4th annual “FUGLY: The Ugly Sweater Christmas Party” this Saturday, December 17th in Brooklyn, NY.  Last year’s party, was attended by over 400 people of all different professions, ages, races, and backgrounds.  The mission of Fun With Friends is to spread the philosophy that FUN is born from sharing experiences with those closest to you in an exciting environment that we create.  FWF has been featured in Time Out NY, NY Daily News, Essence, and more! They are one of the fastest growing event hosting and planning companies in NYC and was started by two young and determined African-American men who pride themselves on providing fun for young New Yorkers without breaking the pockets!

This year’s FUGLY Sweater Christmas Party is expected to be the biggest one yet and has an expected attendance of 500 people!  Providing tunes for the night is buzzing DJ Ernz who has recently been highlighted by Complex!  In addition to capturing the essence of what it is to have fun with friends, proceeds and donations from the event will benefit communities in Haiti who were affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Heed recently caught up with Fun With Friends’ creator, Jamal George, to learn more about the company and the event! Check out excerpts from our conversation!

Heed Magazine: What inspired you guys to create this event?

Jamal George: The inspiration came from my wife.  It was the month of December and we wanted to do something fresh and fun around the holidays.  It wasn’t the thing that it has become today at that time so it was innovative for us to incorporate it into the culture.

HM: How has it evolved over the last five years?

JG: We’ve watched the brand grow and expand in 5 years and the overwhelming response and support that we’ve received throughout the years has been surreal. It started out with about 40 friends attending an event to a brand with an expected number of 500 friends for this particular event.

HM: What is the ultimate goal of your events?

JG: Our goal for every event is to have fun with our friends. The most important goal this year is giving back. So our mission is to raise enough funds to go out and get supplies to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

HM: Tell us about your philanthropy work. It is great to see that this particular event is supporting Haiti.

JG: This will be our 3rd charitable effort.  We did a toy drive last year, we’ve done care packages for the homeless and this time, we’re giving back to Haiti.  It’s something that naturally came to us when we decided that we wanted to do more.  We saw that we were becoming profitable and instead of keeping all of those profits to ourselves, we wanted to do more.

HM: What is one of the greatest rewards of being an entrepreneur?

JG: I can answer this in so many ways.  One of the greatest rewards is seeing a dream or idea come to life and actually be successful. 

HM: What has been of your biggest career challenges? How did your overcome it?

JG: It would probably be the debate of investing full time in my company and using Fun With Friends as a stepping stone for bigger endeavors or going back to school to finish classes for my marketing degree.

HM: What do people have to look forward to from the party this year?

JG: Tons of holiday cheer.  We have a 1-hour bar sponsored by Courvoisier, we have a Santa Claus station for partygoers to take photos, music, fun with friends, and most importantly knowing that you’re partying with a purpose.

HM: Any big plans for the holiday?

JG: FUGLY The Ugly Sweater Party.  It’s the biggest plan I have. 

For More information on Fun With Friends and FUGLY: The Ugly Sweater Party check out the links below: