Wanna know about black superheroines? You should know. If you don’t know then I’m gonna tell you how to know ’cause knowing is half the battle, ya know?

Thankfully, Black Girl Nerds founder Jamie Broadnax and Stephanie Williams (host of host of The Lemonade Show) are bringing you a new podcast to do just that, get you in the know about black female superheroes.


“I wanted to take podcasting to another level with having a fun, yet informative discussion about Black superheroines. We incorporate media clips as well as reference specific comic issues with titles, dates, and creators behind each book discussed. We’re here to shed light on these women in a way that hasn’t quite been done before.” – Jamie Broadnax

Sparked by a simple tweet by Williams aka “MistyKnightsTwistout”, the show delves into characters other than Storm who’ve graced the panels that geeks know and love. The clear lack of knowledge of characters like Misty Knight, Vixen, Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel), Nubia, and many more are to be brought to light and discussed in a new weekly podcast entitled Misty Knights Uninformed Afro. Thankfully, this education will also go beyond the characters and reveal the many artists and writers who create them as well.

Jamie Broadnax, Executive Producer and host
Jamie Broadnax, Executive Producer and host
Stephanie Williams, Researcher and co-host
Stephanie Williams, Researcher and co-host









Starting February 1st, 2017, on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher, this 9 part series is a MUST follow for comic book purists and noobs alike!

Website: http://mkuapodcast.com/

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