New Edition is arguably one of the biggest ‘boy bands’ of all time. They’ve sold millions of records, packed out venues, toured the world, and endured the pressures of fame, all while singing about teenage love. Ralph, Bobby, Mike, Ricky, Ronnie, and eventually Johnny, have been etched in music history as the purveyors and mold for groups that followed them, and the world finally has a chance to watch the creation, development, rise, fall, and reprise of this iconic group. But what’s a good biopic without a stellar cast? BET nailed it, enlisting a few of the industry’s brightest up and comers, one primetime star, and a two-time Grammy nominee to depict the nostalgic story of one of Boston’s most prized possessions.


Heed flew to L.A., set up shop, invited our friend Ashley Everett (yeah, Beyonce’s choreographer and lead dance captain) and talked with Bryshere Gray, Luke James, Elijah Kelley, Woody McClain, Algee Smith and Keith Powers about their on-screen depiction of New Edition.


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