Strikingly gorgeous entrepreneur and tastemaker Destiny Jones is charting her own path in beauty and fashion world with the formation of LipMatic.  Destiny Jones launched LipMatic in 2014 as an ode to her father Nas’ legendary album “Illmatic”.  Jones set out on her own to create a unique organic formula that is environmentally friendly and high quality product for young women. Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, NY, Jones pays homage to her city by naming the hues after New York Streets and big city staples.

LipMatic is made with desire for the everyday girl affordable and high quality lip-gloss line that is fun to wear.  The shades are ideal are perfect for any beauty look, from the office, to the evening and, ladies can certainly find the right shade for every occasion. Her company is predicated on the belief to help women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin!

Born into a family of creatives and entrepreneurs, LipMatic was a natural fit for Jones to create her own lip gloss line  as she’s able to merge her love for fashion, beauty and business. She’s creating her own lifestyle beauty lane with several products in development; skin care, eye shadows and blushes in practically every shade. Jones’ is tackling it all with no signs of slowing down!

When she’s not in the cosmetic lab or business meetings, Destiny enjoys hiking and empowering young ladies to chase their dreams and be bold. The culmination of hard work, dedication and humility make her an incredibly well-rounded person who is seriously taking the beauty industry by storm. She’s very excited about creating quality products that make women feel beautiful, and as she continues to carve her own legacy she took some time to chat with us about LipMatic, the influence of her father, and a few awards season trends!

Mike Sanford: Tell us a little about Destiny!

Destiny Jones: I’m 22 years old and I grew up in Queens, New York. Although I have a famous father, I had a very normal childhood. I attended public schools and I grew up in Jamaica, Queens with all of my cousins. I’ve always been very artistic and creative. I love acting, make-up, painting, and I’m very passionate about animals.

MS: Your dad has had a huge impact on many people. How have you been inspired by him?

DJ: Of course my father has an amazing career spanning music, film and television and technology. I’m continuously inspired by his work ethic and his passion and excitement for creativity. Witnessing my father live out his dreams makes me want to work just as hard to achieve that same fulfillment. He also inspires me to remain true to myself.

MS: Tell us about ‘Lipmatic’. The name is definitely a cool play on words too! We see what you did there!

DJ: Lipmatic is a street wear lip-gloss line that represents New York and hip-hop culture. It’s also 98% organic with natural ingredients that leave lips smooth and moisturized.


MS: Who is the girl that wears ‘Lipmatic’?

DJ: The girl who wears Lipmatic is the girl who is true to herself. Whether she wears six-inch heels or Adidas, she walks with confidence.

MS: How do you see the brand evolving?

DJ: I see my brand evolving by continuing to grow and expand into additional lip products and eventually offering a variety of beauty products.

MS: In terms of beauty, what do you think is one non-negotiable?

DJ: In the terms of beauty I feel that having moisturized lips is non-negotiable. I hate when my lips feel chapped and dry! It’s so uncomfortable! That’s why it was really important to me to have a lip-gloss that truly moisturizes.


MS: With awards season among us, what is one beauty trend you think we can expect on the red carpet?

DJ: I expect to see a lot of beautiful blinged out, sparkling beaded dresses in a variety of colors this awards season. Dresses will be paired with natural make up, nude lips and light contouring as well!

MS: How do you define ‘beauty’?

DJ: I feel that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and all different skin tones. Real beauty is found in how a woman carries herself; with grace, a bit of edge and pride!

MS: What are your favorite shades?

DJ: Right now my top three favorite Lipmatic shades are Life’s a Peach, C.R.E.A.M, and Jamaica Ave. Jewel.

MS: What are you most excited this year for your brand?

DJ: This year I’m most excited about the new products that I’m releasing! Stay tuned!

To stay connected with Destiny Jones follow her:

Twitter – @Destiny_Jones1

Instagram – @iamdestinyjones