Newcomer Jordan Joseph uses the art of musical romance and his love for our big green planet in his debut cover of James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Go.’ The genre-less, Michigan native focuses on the love of the planet through romanticism – and not a particular sound of music. Shot in an untraditional location, the contrast explains the love that lies beneath.

“The world needs love; I’m in love with love.”

The delicate mix of Joseph’s unique tone and the subtle instrumentation tells the story of where he stands in this huge challenge to save our planet. Interesting enough, the visual was shot at the First Street Bridge in Los Angeles, which was built with a neo-classical design as part of the “City Beautiful Plans” of the early 1900`s. Inspired by the elegance and romance of Paris and Rome, the plans sought to beautify the United States cities by constructing grand civic monuments, incorporating both building and public works projects.

Very much like the bridge, Joseph is interested in bringing people together, celebrating moments through music, romance and spreading the word to help heal the planet.

With a unique ear, the 26-year-old is literally riding his own cloud of love to his final destination.


Check out “Say You Won’t Let Go” and be on the lookout for more new music from Jordan Joseph!

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