VonRay had the opportunity to catch up with Woody McClain while he was in Jacksonville,FL. The weather was beautiful, the breeze was soothing and when Mama (Rosetta) McClain walked up to us, she made the day even more Sunny! Woody is most recently known for portraying Bobby Brown on B.E.T.’s “The New Edition Story”. Woody has a strong dance background as well and has so many great things that are about to hit the surface. Keep your eyes peeled on what’s next with him!

We styled Woody in some quick summer looks, beautiful color palettes and light weight fabrics pulling from VonRay Designs and Accessories, PRPS, H&M, Creative Recreation, Edun, Forever 21 (Men’s) and King James Jewelry.

Fun Facts About Woody

Favorite Color?

Favorite Food?
Seafood & I can’t pick between shrimp or crabs.

Dream car?
I’m simple, I’m cool with a Audi.

Favorite show?
“A Different World”

Your favorite character you play in your series?
My favorite character would have to be “May May” from this feature film I did called “Canal Street”.

What is upcoming for Woody?
I have some great things coming and also  Writing and Producing a few shows.

Your favorite Place to visit and why?
I would have to say Jacksonville, FL, because that’s where my family is located.

Describe your personal fashion style?
Man…honestly I like whatever catches my eyes. I’m not a picky person at all.

Any favorite brands?
Naw I can’t pick a fav, lol.

Tell us about your mother & what she means to you?
My Mother grew up not knowing her biological parents, so for her to have such a great impact on me and my sister’s lives says a lot about her.. She has always put us first growing up and I will forever be grateful for that. LOVE YOU ALWAYS MOM!

Advice to an aspiring actor or entertainer?
Don’t let anyone discourage you from your dreams. If acting is something you want to do, JUST DO IT; study, read books, take classes…hell even go on YouTube. We have so many resources, you just have to look and stay consistent …

Happy Mother’s Day To You and Yours.
Happy Birthday Woody!! (May 14)


Latasha Henderson-Robinson & Dennis Robinson II  

Style Assistant:
Jamese Patterson 

Brian Dailey 

Photographer Assistant:
Imani Riley 

Animated gifs:
Dennis Robinson II