Algee Smith & Jacob Latimore
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Katheryn Bigelow’s NEW film “Detroit” tells the unadulterated and unsettling story of yet another incident of civil unrest which took place 50 years ago in the summer of 1967. Jacob Latimore and Algee Smith portrayed two young patrons of the Algiers Motel (Fred Temple and Larry Cleveland) who fell victim to the vicious acts of Michigan Law Enforcement during a riot that literally tore the city of Detroit apart. Algee Smith says, “It’s like nothing has changed in 50 years in the justice system”. Jacob followed up with, “I don’t think we should walk around in fear of police. I don’t want people living in fear all the time. We can’t live like that”.  

In a pretty candid conversation with Jacob and Algee, they openly shared their thoughts on race relations and how they believe this country can grow together. 

You can catch both features in Heed’s “Social Equailty” issue available on today

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